Help drilling holes for 24mm buttons


I have some 24 mm Seimitsu buttons to mount.
My local hardware store only sells 22 mm or 25mm hole-type drill bits, not 24mm.
Will a 25mm hole result in a lose button?

yes, by a millimeter (haha)
you COULD do the 22mm and sand it to fitting

see if they have a 15/16th’s bit, that is 24mm

When I made my first Sanwa, I had to buy a special (and expensive) 24mm drill bit. The usual hardware stores didn’t have it, I had to call a specialty lumber place.

In principle you could drill small and sand, but it will more work.

I got my 24mm and 30mm bits from an online store. I forgot the name but it took me awhile to find the website through yahoo shopping. Drilling small and sanding is gonna be a pain w/o a rotary tool though.

Just go metric already you yankees. lol

1mm isn’t really enough to be that noticable with looseness - especially if you’re using screw in buttons that you can just tighten down. For my 24mm bit I took a 1" spade bit and shaved 1/32" off of either side of it (yielding 15/16"…which is 24mm) with a metal grinder (saves some nice money, but a bit tough to do for a beginner).

Go to Ace hardware. They make and sell the sizes needed for custom sticks that stores like Home Depot do not carry. Here are the sizes I got there: 7/8" , 15/16", 1-3/16" (unwrapped in pic), 1-1/4" (not in pic)

Heres a pic:

Thanks everybody! Hahano, that’s a very good idea, though you’re right that it sounds advanced. Fallback’s got the best advice - I found 2 Ace Hardware stores within dirving distance. They’re already closed today and closed on Sundays too, the suck! But I’ll get there on Monday for sure.

How about 30mm, do they make hole saw bits in that size too? I’m sure it’s one of the sizes you listed, but please educate me.

30 mm would be a 1 3/16" bit (1 1/4" with 1/32" off each side if you choose that route).

Just as a side note, I use the 24mm button drill for my stick hole, the 30mm just looks to big, heh.

I picked up the 24 mm bit at my local Ace Hardware for $9.79 + tax. No pilot bit included, yuck. Thanks again you guys! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: