Help! DSL Modem problem

Yeah it’s really rather strange. It keeps saying a network cable is unplugged and yet I’ve checked it about 10 times, disconnected and reconnected every cable, and yet I’m still offline. (I’m currently using my school’s computer)

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? It just randomly stopped working.

  • Jin

Your nic could be dead or somehow uninstalled.

Check the device manager for and ! or ?.

nic problem.
flip flop the ends of the ethernet cable. sounds stupd, but it works to make a long story short
might be a bad ethernet cable
port on modem could be bad

the flip flop thing works because although there are 8 pins in the cat5 cable, only 4 are used, so if one of them or all four of them went bad, flip flopping it would be a quick fix.

Make sure you are not using a crossover cable. lol.

I reinstalled my modem. Technically I’m online now (got the dsl modem to work), but my wireless router isn’t working like it should and as a result my family’s computer offline.

On the bright side I can provide some screenshots that might better give an idea of the problem.

My Network Connections


DSL Modem

I’m almost positive it’s the grey cable on the router, but if anyone can provide some more information I’d really appreciate it. I’m obviously not very experienced with computer hardware.

  • Jin

P.S: I tried the flip flop, but I don’t think it’s working like it should. I’m going to buy a new cable tommorow.

On your wireless woes, you have 3 options:

a) Read this article:

b) Re-create the network bridge

c) Enable “Internet Connection Sharing” on the wireless network connection. Then select “LAN connection”. This is an alternative for “Network Bridging”.