Help Dual Modding a HRAP VX-SA


I’m planning on getting aHRAP VX-SA for the Xbox. I currently own a modded HRAP3 with a Paewang. I’d like to know if there is a way that i can use the HRAP VX-SA on a PS3 lagless and keeping the Headset Jack for the Xbox and the functions of the panel.

Is there a way to do this either by adding new PCB’s or using adapters?

Thanks a lot.

Hi guys, can anybody help me ?

And keep the functionality of the turbo sliders? No, as of right now, there is nothing like that available. Yet.
Right now, you could dual mod it with a ChimpSMD or DualStrike, and have everything work as normal (headset jack and turbo sliders would work for Xbox360, but not for PS3.)

Nah, i can pass the turbo sliders away, no problem.

But the Jack and Home, lagless, would be priceless. So basically all i need is a chimp ?

I need to install the Chimp inside the stick, solder the original pcb to the chimp, put the original cable down and use the output usb from the chimp? Is that it?

I’d like to keep the stick as un-modded as possible, like keeping the original cable and all. Is there any adapters that can make this happen ?

Thanks for the answer man, great work since the Dreamcast All-in-one disc days. <D

Sounds like you have the right idea about the dual modding so far, but the ChimpSMD doesn’t require you to use the USB jack; there’s screw terminals on one side for the 360 USB wires, and on the other side for the outgoing USB wires. What I’d try to do in your place is cut the existing USB cord somewhere between where it plugs into the Hori pcb and where it exists the case, in such a spot so you can screw the four 360 wires on the 360 USB screw terminals on the Chimp, and the end going out of the case into the Chimp screw terminals for the outgoing USB.

Just spent some hours going through TE Dual Mod with the IMP threads. Still have some doubts, but seems doable.

On the other hand, some guys over at our forums here in Brazil have tested a chinese adapter and reported it worked 360 - PS3 even though the adapter is marketed to do PS2 --> PS3. Believe it or not. Some have reported is lag-free, but they really haven`t tested besides playing and i don’t know their skill/experience level to claim something like that.

This is the one: DealExtreme: $7.80 PS2 to Xbox 360 Controller Adapter Cable