[HELP] Dual Modding Xbox 360 Brawl Stick


Well just got back form EVO 2012 met Toodles in person and have had my Brawl stick just laying around and i figured i need to do something with it. So as i stated I met Toodles he pretty much said i should invest in a better stick, more then likely will in the future, but he recommended I put in a ChImp SMD in it if i wanted to dual mod it.

I have 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, start, select wired to the Chimp SMD board now the part that I’m stuck is I’m not sure exactly which of the two I’m suppose to use for the USB Cable; am I suppose to use OD- OD+ or am I suppose to use the XD- XD+?

There are three VCC spots on the ChImp SMD Board which one am i suppose to be connecting to the red 5v USB cable?If that’s where I’m suppose to be connecting it to.

There are multiple Ground connections on the ChImp SMD Board, do they all have to be connect to a ground spot? and if so can they be to different ground spots or the same one?

If you haven’t noticed yet, yes I am new to the whole Fighting Stick Modding community, I personally would rather learn to do this then have someone else do it for me(yes i do like to learn)

As a last note I have become aware that there are multiple versions of the ChImp SMD Board the one that i purchased is the ChImpSMD v3.1

this is the page it came with the board, if i just missed the note or failed to understand it on how to get these connect I’m sorry and again thank you all for your help


The Welcome sheet is pretty clear as to where the USB cable shout be attached. here’s a tip though. O=Outgoing, X=xbox

any of the VCC points are ok as long as there’s one going from the 360 to the Chimp.

as long as you have ONE ground going from the 360 pcb to the chimpSMD you should be ok

Another Tip, Green wire = D+ :slight_smile:

  1. Those abbreviations stand for Outgoing D-/D+. They’re the ones you wire to your outgoing USB cable. XD+/D- are XboxD+/D-. Those you wire to the 360 pcb in your brawlstick.

  2. As Jammin said, any VCC point is good, but there is VCC and Ground right next to the OD+/OD- terminals. I use those ones.

  3. The ChimpSMD is a common ground PCB. This means all those ground points are connected on the pcb itself. Connect the black wire from the outgoing USB, and they’re all a source for ground.


Wow guys thanks a lot. So let me see if i got this right, so I need to connect the XD-/+ to the box and the OD-/+ to the usb, so in other words de/unsolder the usb on the xbox pcb atm, right?

just wanna make sure as atm i spliced into the usb cable thats soldered into the xbox pcb and it works fine on the Xbox(except the reb and blue leds stay on when it should be the green one) but when i connect it to he ps3 i just get an unrecognized usb device error

Thanks again


You have the right idea, but the way I’d recommend is to first figure out where in the case the ChimpSMD will be placed/mounted.
Then, leaving the USB cable connected to the brawl pcb, you want to cut the USB cable so the part that is still connected to the Brawl pcb will reach the XD+/XD- section of the Chimp, and the cut end of the outgoing USB cable will reach the OD+/OD- section of the Chimp.
Screw down the four wires in the Brawl pcb end into the VCC/XD+/XD-/GND screw terminals, and use some electrical tape to insulate the exposed shielding wire. Screw down the four wires in the outgoing USB end into the VCC/OD+/OD-/GND screw terminals, and use some electrical tape to insulate the exposed shielding wire. Test on PC to show Chimp shows up.

Connect the 8 play button lines to Chimp. Test buttons on PC, then hold down 1K/2P/3K when plugging in to verify Xbox360 pcb shows up.

Connect the four directions to Chimp. Test on PC
Connect Guide (‘XGUILD’) to Chimp Home, Start to Chimp Start, and ‘P00’ to Chimp Select. Test all three on both PC and Xbox360.
Close stick and drink beer.


i’m having one hell of a time with this now, okay so i cut the usb cord off the Xbox pcb plugged the now “loose” usb cable into the proper slots(red into VCC, white into OD-, green into OD+ and black into GND, and the other black just tapped it back) then the wired in the brawl pcb i put them into there respective slots as well (red into VCC, white into XD-, green into XD+ and black into gnd, SGND i just taped it so it wouldn’t be exposed)and now all that happens is the ChimpSMD just stays with the red and blue leds on; whether it’s plugged into an xbox or ps3 with no detection from either console, and when i plug it into a pc it gives me a memory error.I also tried to put it into xbox mode(hold down 1k, 2p, 3k) and it just stays with the red and blue leds on and it should be going to the green led.

regarding the home button as i realized i had completely forgotten about it okay i found Xguide but then when i follow the trace to find a solder point it seems like it branches two to points one being KG and the other XG. I’m assuming it would be XG but I don’t want to leave a job to assumption and if i could get a straight answer before soldering a point that would be great. Here is a photo to show what i mean:


Any ideas on what I’ve done wrong or if you could point out if i did something wrong form above that would be great.

Thanks in advance


The Home point should definitely be XGUILD. The KGND point deals with the Lock switch; dont use it.

As for the rest, it may be time for pictures. The behavior you’re seeing may be something done or not done that I cant see.


Wow, a NooB is as a NooB does, i liked your comment on this forum topic ChimpSMD blue light flashing? as it reminded me of what i was suppose to be doing as an IT, if you don’t know whats wrong with a computer strip it to bear bottom and slowly start plunging things back in to see whats causing the problem. So that’s what i did, turns out that i had well jumped this install and plugged in everything at once, so what was showing up as i did it one by one on my PC is that multiple buttons seemed to be pressed down so it was probably sending in some sort of pressed down algorithm to the ChImpSMD board. But I did stumble across something really weird, if i have my stick on Lest stick mode instead of D-Pad the Xbox 360 no longer recognizes it, thank god that until this moment all fighting games usually give you the option to use either or, and i did test it on the computer to see if maybe i made some sort of connection loose but it shows on there that left stick mode works fine.

Oh and i did make some what of a discovery, for select i got it to work by plugging in my wire into the wire button itself instead of soldering it onto the P00 spot

Well thanks again Toodles, Jamin3131, andDannkk