Help explain/advice on what to do on recovery and full guarded opponent

Hi all,

Rookie Cammy here and i’m trying my best to improve so I did a lot of combo training and i’m able to execute them well even on regular match up, but I having issues when it comes to recovery after knockdown.

Here is what i’m currently experiencing:

On Enemy Knockdown -> Recovery
[] When i try to grab them as they recover, they can stop/counter it by light attacks or special
] When trying to spam light attacks as they recover, they can counter it with special

And when i’m Knocked down -> Recover
[] As i recover, my opponent can grab me while i’m spamming light attacks
] Sometimes when I spam light attacks, they counter it with med or heavy

And due to that, i’m afraid to put pressure on them on the corner as I have no understanding of which attacks is more priority than the other.
Here is a video of me getting my ass kicked with RYU spam throwing me although I am spamming my light punches.

Thanks in advance!

ok so when you knockdown your opponent, don’t spam light attacks when they recover. Instead try doing a meaty attack f.e. The Ryu player actually did some meaty attacks on you when you recovered (at 0:43) you can see that cause he got a counter hit.

When you wake up it’s better to just block and be ready to tech a throw attempt. But be careful and don’t wakeup throw tech every single time, because your enemy might just do a meaty or shimmy and get a big combo. Also don’t do random spiral arrows, use them as combo finisher instead. What combo did you actually train btw?

Also you are not a loser. Some of your jump in anti air DPs were very solid for a beginner and you blocked the other jump ins pretty good, too. At least in match 1.

You need to learn more of the basics of SFV. It seems daunting at first, but you will figure things out over time if you research and put the effort into it.

To answer your statement, you can time your normal (like standing MP or standing LK or whatever) while your opponent is waking up to make it so that their only response it to block or get hit. You basically want your limb to be extended while they are getting up, but before they are able to attack.This concept is very important to understand. This is where frame data comes into play, but I won’t explain that here because there are a million YouTube videos that can explain it better, and with visuals. Some characters can beat this with an invincible reversal (learn what these are and who has them), but it is extremely risky for them to do this, because if you bait it out of them and you block it, they are exposed and you can land a ton of damage.

There are specific timings for all of this stuff. It isn’t about spamming any attack, it’s about pressing a single button at the right time.