Help Fei get buffed in SSF4!

So capcom recently released a suggestion box thing for the fans to submit suggestions to them and then people vote to promote / demote them based on how the stuff sounds. So basically I made a suggestion of fixes to Fei we’d all like to see (think I covered everything) and put it on there, so now I need you guys help to promote it to #1. They said that the top ones will be brought up in capcoms staff meetings so, here’s our chance to get heard.

It’s probably a few pages back, so you’re gonna have to dig. Post is by villainous. I have two in there, one’s about counter ultra and the other is Fei changes. If you guys wanna vote on both then feel free. It’s under the second drop down tab under street fighter btw. Make sure you’re in that before you start looking.

theyve both dropped a few pages now… buncha bs about other capcom games beating it now (ps u forgot to add standing jab being able to hit all crouchers not sure if u can edit that but it would b nice)

Yeah I need to add more + frames to CW as well, realized I forgot that. Oh well…I think I asked for enough anyway.

How about a better poke.

Fei Long Balance Suggestions

You meant

Fei Long God Tier Suggestions

Didn’t you ?

Promotion given :tup:
I also made a suggestion for Fei. They may reflect one or 2 of your suggestions, but uh…feel free to promote/demote it ^_^;
EDIT: My nickname is Tizoc over there as well.

It’s not like they have to take all of them.

Plus I think it’d take a lot more to make him god tier.


Yeah… He’d need the Vacuum effect alot of other Ultras have. Flame kick rivaling any other DP in the game. Better options after Tenshin. …

And yeah, recommended. Good job Samurai


Well it looks like they aren’t gonna change much with Fei Long after reading the new blog. They said Fei’s gonna be stronger, not so much because of the buffs they did to him, but because of the tweaks they’ve done to the other characters who have a strong close up game. Kind of a cheap thing to do really but I guess anything will help Fei in this game…atleast they said that they made the startup to his rekkashinken ultra faster and his flamekick easier to do?

Actually Tsua the Rekkashinken is the Super, and the Rekkakyaku is the Chicken Wing :wasted:

Personally, I see no point in having the Rekkashinken be faster–you cancel into that sucker anyway… Can anyone think of advantages to this? Maybe straight link from Tenshin, but that’s pretty moot considering you can just tack on a cr.MP> Rekkashinken to do the link.

Also, easier Chicken Wing? Wasn’t a big deal for a pad user like me, but I guess it helps you stick players out a bit. Also, if the ease comes in removing the UF motion, that’s fewer random jumps mid-match :sweat:

LOL I fail! Haha thanks for correcting me! OMG that just makes me feel even worse…looks like Fei isn’t going to change very much at all then. I was sooo happy when I read that blog and that anonymous person asked for Fei to have a stronger close/rekka game but the way the developer guy answered the question and when he ended his statement with, “Please strive to be the best Fei Long player” it made me think that Fei is pretty much getting no significant special treatment for SSF4. :mad:

I feel ya man… Since Makoto’s been confirmed, I guess she’ll have to be my go-to person for beating people down up-close and personal now.


Pfft, who am I kidding? I’m still gonna play Fei.

agreed on the random jumps :smiley: maybe faster startup of super can make it to be used as a valid antiair, like Honda’s ultra?

ill be 100% satisfied if they just make it so Rekkas can punish Blanka balls without dashing.

if Capcom really wants suggestions though, in specials would be nice but than i would think that makes Fei Long God Tier. And the obvious dashing problem and maybe increase his garbage throw range. into specials would be amazing, though definitely not make fei god tier. Giving him that would probably balance him out more then any other change without significantly breaking him. Especially since some characters have the ability to cancel into all their speicals cough ryu cough

even if it doesnt make him God Tier, on my list it would put him somewhere top5 or at least upper half of the cast. into Rekka is all im looking for, dont even need it to link into Flame Kick or CW.

Well, while we are on the subject, why not make Fei able to juggle with flame kick? Ryu & Ken do it. Also, it seems pretty much everybody can combo/juggle into ultra…a FULL ultra. Fei should be able to juggle/combo into ultra I.

It has been said a million times, probably, but, in an ideal world, Fei’s Ultra I would dash forward like Abel’s and land the whole thing if the first hit lands.

Also, Tenshin=useless.

regardless of what i posted back than, after watching BattleField Arcadia i realized that tenshin isnt useless. I acutally implemented it into my game now and its worth it. Jab–> EX Tenshin is pretty godly and catches more people off guard than i expected, try it youd be amazed.