Help-Fight Pad mod

So I’ve been looking all over these fourms and I cant find any info on a Street Fighter 4 Fight Pad mod.

What I want to do is use the Fightpad as a base for a Fight Stick, but I cant find a blueprint on whats ground and whats not. Anyone who has done this or knows where the info is pls relay the info.

Once I find the info I’ll be posting the final product in the Show Us Your Fight Stick Thread :smiley:

IDK what kind of stick you are trying to make but here are the blueprints for the 360 fightpad.

This link below was only on the Fifth Page of Tech Talk man.

The goods are on Last Page of that Thread.

Thanks Travenport and jdm714 I’ll be getting to work over the weekend. Also I guess I was impaitent in my looking as I only got to the 3rd page.