Help figuring out my local arcade cabinets buttons

I’m relatively new to arcade sticks (i feel like i have to start with this every time i start a new topic because i feel like it will be a n00b question) Well, i happen to really really like the buttons that my local arcade has for MvC2. Its a concave button, really smooth going down, and has a shallow press with a distinct click. When i finally ordered a custom stick, after doing some research, i was pretty convinced that they were happ buttons so i went and put happ buttons in it. To my suprise, happ buttons still had a nice click to it but the buttons had a much longer press, and were a lot stiffer than the one at the arcade. Are the buttons at my arcade just really worn out happs or are they something else? If they are something else, whatever button it is, will the buttons fit in the hole of the new Madcatz SFIV fight stick coming out soon? I heard those new sticks were easily moddable with quick disconnects and was def thinking about getting one and changing out the buttons. I know they haven’t come out yet but at least i think for certain styles of sticks there are universal hole sizes. Any help is appreciated. Pardon me if i dont know what i’m talking about :rofl:

How recently and from where did you buy your happ buttons?, cause happ has changed the design of their buttons in the last few months.

well, im not sure about how old the custom stick is. It was someone selling a custom stick with all happ parts and i jumped right on it (even changed the artwork for me =D). By the feel of the buttons, id say fairly new. However, the more i go back and forth between my stick and the arcade, the more sure i am they’re not the same exact button no matter how worn out my happ may get.


were the happ buttons you purchased the competition model? I don’t think any other button would have a lower profile than the happ competitions.

i’ll have to check my arcade again. I might have gotten “concave” and “convex” mixed up. Either way i’ve probably made a grave mistake (although these longer press happ buttons certainly are growing on me) Someone earlier mentioned a newer and older model of happ buttons. Are the happ competitions the newer ones?

No, Happ used to get their buttons from a company called Industry Lorenzo in Italy. They have the letters il on the bottom of plastic button. The new happ buttons are made in china nad have a higher profile and suck.

Convex: rounded over
Concave: sunk in

Which do you have?

well i know about the concave and convex. The buttons i have are high profile concave. Guessing mine are the china ones XD

I remember when HAPP changed the pushbuttons. I was ordering different color pushbuttons for the same controller it seems like a long time ago. They gave me some of the good IL style and some of the new cheep ones. I called them and complained. They told me nothing had changed and acted like I was crazy so they lost my business.

as far as i know you can put any 30mm buttons into the SFIV stick. I dont believe a Happ stick will fit though, so if you are a diehard bat fan you can pick up a sanwa bat

well now that im finding out about the difference between iL buttons, does this also apply to the stick too? im looking on lizardlick and finding a happ 8-way and an iL 8-way. Any difference with those?

(on a side note, is there a way to keep my happ stick from spinning >_< made the switch over from a stock t5 anniversary stick ball top to the 8 way and the fact that the joystick keeps twisting is really really annoying)

yes. Happ sucks. IL makes good stuff.

what makes it different though? i mean, from the picture they look the same. At least the diff between buttons is in the picture.

The actuator on the bottom of the new Comp sticks from happ is shaped wrong and doesn’t hit the switches as reliably as the old design. Also the stick bases are known to have defects in them.

I don’t know if the switches they come with are any different.

Happ buttons aren’t 30mm. They’re closer to around 28mm.

Just found this old thread

13th post talks about mcas, i believe this could also be what was in my local arcade cabinet.

Anyone have info on these mca buttons? I think these are the low profile, clicky concaves i was talking about

Those are some weird buttons, that’s for sure