Help Finding a Box

So I’m in the market to build my own arcade stick, nothing new but I’ve hit a road block: I cannot find empty boxes.

I have zero experience with wood working and would much rather purchase a blank box for my stick. But all my searches have come up with nothing. All the links I’ve found have gone to 404’d webpages or sites that no longer sell boxes.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone knew of a website or an SRK user who sells blank boxes.

I’m pretty sure there are a couple of guys in the “Check out my new arcade stick!” thread that make blank boxes on request. Also nice username, bro.

i sell clean black or white cases as kits. Also custom airbrushed cases. They come as kits with plexi, buttons plate and feet but if you need just the case i can slice a bit of the price and shipping as well.

Link to some cases on SRK :

Link to my site: Fightstick Casings

Sorry, I haven’t had much chance to check SRK recently. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m looking for Jinxz. Could you PM the details for just purchasing a box? I live in the states by the way, so how expensive is shipping going to end up being?

Try here----

Or keep your eye out in the trade forum for people selling cases and mod their old one.

I have a one of a kind stick briefcase for sale as well.

You could possibly find a suitable cigar box somewhere. Get one that’s large and sturdy enough, and you’d be set, I’d think.

I bought an SE and gutted it because the SE is a pretty nice case.

Doing that will actually cost you less than buying some of the other cases out there.

Kelter is right, and depending on the system you wanna run with a Cthulhu or the 360 PCB in the Madcatz SE with a new stick/buttons and sticker on top might be the best set up for a entry level kinda stick… and if you wanna paint or customize it theres alot of info in these pages to get you going, good luck.

Thanks guys. I’m currently trying to hunt down some SRK users who are selling boxes. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Trugoy!