Help finding a main for SSF4 AE/2012

i need help finding main. I’ve use the whole cast since SF4 till now but i keep changing who i play as .
I’m more of a aggressive player but if the time comes for me to be careful i will.

Highly suggest Cody.

He’s powerful, and he got some really good buffs. His combos are simple, and do really good damage. He’s an aggressive character, and once you learn get the hang of him you can get to know some of his frame traps, once you feel comfortable.

You could also go for Ken, he’s straight forward if you know your shoto’s, but is a bit harder because if his links.

Good luck.

Cody is a good choice but is see so many online. ken idk i use to main akuma.
I will have to think about this

any other suggestions people

Highly suggest trying out Rules. Truly exciting imo.

cool bra

welcome to srk.

read these: Rules: Keep it classy or risk thread lock/ban/hurt feelings. Now with mod list

i say hakan, he can be a rush down character, but hes mad hard.

i only suggest him, because i use him… i actually don’t suggest him.

i could go to Yun and be salty :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame on those that still reply to this thread, knowing the rules.

C’mon guys.

Do it yourself. Sidenote: You meet many Codys online? What?


sweet. it had been a few days. i was worried people were becoming less lazy, and were starting to pay attention to written rules.