Help finding a pad for streetfighter 3rd strike

Hi Ive posted once a while back asking this but got no real feedback other than I already know, anyways.
I used to play streetfighter 3rd stike solid on xbox with the xbox pad never ever a issue, but as soon as it became backward compat my friend wanted 2 play on the 360.

And yes straight away i knew there was a problem the D-pad is pretty much useless.

Anyways I’ve tryed a few third party controllers but all failed, I did try a streetfighter pad but I bought it second hand and it seemed 2 have a problem picking up moves to the left side unless it was pressed down hard. Again this might have been a faulty pad and I got unlucky and the guy dounced me I dont know.

Anyway Id like some advise on a good D-pad to buy or converter (xbox to 360 to much 2 hope for I pursume) I’m sick of buying pads 2 find out they suck that much I’ve gave up any fighter in the last 3 yrs
but with the revamp of 3rd stike online well thought Id try again

Razor, Hori ex, ect anyone that has one pros cons

p.s any ps, saturn, nintendo,ect… to 360 converters I have no knowledge of how good the D-pad performs on these formats so some iinput is needed rather than just a suggestion. thanks

This sticky is your friend.

^ this thread might help you out too.
I like the PDP pad but sometimes they don’t last too long.

First off, as a player whose stick has been in traction for the last 3 or so months(waiting for parts), and forced to use the 360 pad only for games like MVC3 and A.E? I’m of the stance that anyone who bashes its D-pad must at LEAST have some execution problems of their own, and the controller is not entirely to blame in my opinion.

Using the stock wireless pad that originally came with my system, 98.8% of the time i can perform moves flawlessly, and experience no problems beyond the natural limitations of using a pad to begin with. The 360 controller simply does not get a fair shake.

That out of the way, this is what you want:

Hori pad EX 2

^^ Very nice. Not only does it have 6 button layout, but its D-pad is supposed to be high-tier. Its what i would buy if i were a long term pad user. Good price too.

Hori Pad EX2 for 360, Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro for PS3.


I recommend the PDP Versus gamepad