Help finding a Stick in Canada

Hey, im pretty new to the fighting scene and im looking to get a stick. I live in canada and want to purchase a Stick. What i want is the Hori VX SA retails for 139.99 u.s
Ive checked amazon and ebay both sites after S&H end up being 200+ which is nuts.
even the Pro. EX-SE is like 136 and was released 2009.
Ebgames around here has a tekken 6 bundle with a wireless hori stick. 60 bucks. i was thinking maybe… but i def need something other then this xbox controller.

The tekken 6 bundle stick is terrible. Don’t bother.

You might try searching in tech talk. Some Canadian members do group buys of TEs now and then to reduce costs.

I got frustrated trying to find anything reasonably priced myself so I just went and spent 70 bucks buying Sanwa parts and I’m gong to get a friend’s old broken PS3 controller and just make one myself. Probably in a shoe-box to start since the enclosure is probably the most difficult part (for me at least it sure is).