Help finding a uk site to buy a ps2/3 to 360 converter


Hi I’m trying to find a converter so I can play fighting games with the D-pad on the 360
that is lag free. are the ps2/3 controllers free of this D-pad issue that the 360 suffers,
and if so can someone point me to a lag free one like the blazepro or something on a £
site or ebay or something that can deliver to the uk? thanks


PS2/PS3 to Xbox 360 controller converter PRO cables - eBay (item 250782297269 end time Mar-09-11 08:10:42 PST)

Ebay. I used this converter for a while and it works fine. See related thread on it for more info.


new PS2 controller to Xbox 360 converter adapter cable on eBay (end time 04-Mar-11 06:53:31 GMT)

Might get one myself…


Yes that’s what I’m looking for but I need uk delivery that only usa, that’s the problem I have. Also do the ps2/3 pads work ok D-pad I mean?


Laugh’s should be able to ship to the UK. You’d want either the X-Convert 360 or the X-Converter 360 Plus and you’d also need a wired 360 controller but those are the top of the line with regards to PS2 -> 360 conversion.


The one I mentioned is also lagless and DOES NOT require a wired 360 controller. Though if international shipping is your problem then you can buy the one Nobus3r1 mentioned from Laugh’s site.


I have this one, needs a 360 wired controller to work. PS2 To PS3 Xbox 360 Controller Converter Adapter Cable (item 220743565947 end time 24-Mar-11 06:00:33 GMT)