Help finding some artwork


Hi. can someone help find some sf4 stage artwork for me??/ Im lookin for the seth stage. I wnat it to be empty…just the stage…far left hand side of the stage if possible because i wnat the workers and the computers on that side to be in it… i did search and i couldnt find anything through srk’s search other that the gallery work from the in game gallery…I tryed googling it as well nothing…if you can help i will positive rep…thanks…


I think the only way to get a full-screen “rip” of any SFIV stage would be from people who have the PC version. You’d have to take off the HUD & make the characters invisible; & keep in mind that the 3-D backgrounds aren’t like older SF backgrounds; they shift with the characters.

I know there is some concept art in the in-game gallery, but that’s about it.

Actually, check this thread. Like I said though, it’s just concept art & not a character/bar-less screen or rip.


yep that was the thread i mentioned above…thanks for lettng me know though…o and btw…blitzball is the s***, son!!!


I’ll try looking, but there’s a thread for finding images in IMM, so you may get more of a response there.


Thanks…could you link me plz?