Help finding the cheaper assist


Hello, I’m running a variation on a standard marvel 2 team of 2 point characters and a assist character and was looking for some help on finding a new anchor.

Right now i’m rocking team brotherhood Dante/Vergil/Magneto.

Which is a really good team, full screen mixups and what not, but i’m getting a little bored with it and to be honest my magneto is lacking in the mixup/swag combos, i haven’t really been playing that long.

So now i’m trying to find a real cheap assist i can abuse with my brothers, My first thought was Haggar, it would limit my mixup game to close quarters, but i feel like it would be very powerful non the less, especially sense i like to play a rush down game style.

My second candidate would be Frank west, the shopping cart is just so good, not to mention his synergy with Vergils sword loop to help build levels, he also gets the largest damage bonus from x-factor so i think he would make a awesome backup plan, especially if i can level him up.

Anyone have a input or words of advice?


I run Vergil/Dante/Hawkeye right now and the arrow assist is very much like disruptor, maybe you could try drones, the sparda brothers are godlike with them, hidden missiles is also good, dormammu’s darkholes are great for extending combos and easy hit confirmations, there are a few more but nothing special.


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