Help Finding Yun's Hat On The Internet

read the title

or you could try not being lazy, and a dick, all at once

Lmfao…when I first seen this and the comment above me.

that’s a pretty baller internet hat’s+hat&tbm=isch

not only did I find yun’s hat on the internet

i found like 20 of them holy fucking shit

you should pay me a finder’s fee

I always thought it was a lil yellow bird on his hat, not a skateboard. Wow.

lol you know I said the same thing too awhile back. In his picture from third strike it look like a yellow bird but I didnt realize it was a skateboard until AE droped

Hadnt taken a good look at his hat since 3S, so yeah I guess thats why I still thought it was a bird :rofl:

I very much dislike that guy there.^ No MOTHER 3 WAHHHH

I thought this thread was going to link me to a game like Where’s Waldo or something.

I’m highly disappointed.

I meant where could i buy one and I tried google already and it doesnt give me anything:(

your google fu is weak

if I were good at searching and cared I’d help you

Yo son, fuck this guy and this thread.

^This is very close, just without the patch.

^You can send in images to this site for them to make custom embroidered patches (might be better ones out there, this is the first thing I found on Google. Some stores might do it). I’m not sure how big it would have be, probably around standard shoulder patch size or a little smaller.

curio delivers