Help! firefox (3 will not close)

When attempting to open mozilla an error message occurs stating that it is already in use. The program is closed and insists after several restarts.

Anyone know the complete process list associated with firefox? Or perhaps registry entries? Looking to close this thing the hard way and switch to chrome.

Also a uninstall / reinstall of the program did not fix it. WTF?

ctrl alt delete

try using google chrome its a new browser that just came out

That’s what I’d think, but Firefox is not a listed process in task manager.

Already done, but chrome cannot import bookmarks and settings while firefox is “active”

maybe its your computer being stupid or firefox acting dumb

I just reboot when that happens. Unfortunately, it is all I find that works.

Maybe download and try that Unlocker program. I’ve never used it before, but I hear it works wonders for stubborn programs that don’t “close” properly.

You sir, are brilliant. I just told my girl to put her clothes back on and bake for you immediately.

hmm, it shouldnt show up in applications but it should atleast be in the processes tab.

Reboot your PC. I had the same problem before. Ever since I rebooted it never happened again.

You did not read the first post. Rebooting does not solve the problem. Firefox.exe is not show up in task manager.

Email the firefox ppl and ask for help??

maybe they can tell you of a solution or at least get you to pull out some sort of firefox debug stuff that you can send back and then they can help you find a solution to