Help fixing 360 controller


So I’ve noticed that the leftstick on my controller tends to drift upward or upleft. I have a hard time getting to exact neutral and it’s become a problem in every single game I play. Any suggestions or tips on how to fix this?


buy a new one


not the most helpful answer I’ve seen but it’s to the point and could be accurate

all depends. what kind of controller are you talking about. is this a stock 360 pad? madcatz pad? TE joystick? If it is an xbox 360 or madcatz pad then i’d go with with Mr grinder and replace. if it’s a joystick I’d recommend replacing the actual joystick first as it has “field replaceable” parts.


It’s the stock 360 controller. Since it looks like I’m going to have to buy a new one, has anyone had any experience with these:

It’s a knock off, sure, but cheap.


I have one the analog switches are pretty stiff, but they’re not that bad.