Help fixing a DOA4 360 stick:

Okay, so a friend of mine nearly severed the cord to his DOA4 stick, as can be seen here:

I’m wondering what the best option to fix it is.

Can I just replace the cord here (where the wires meet the white block on the PCB), and if so, does anyone have an extra cord lying around?

Or are there better options? I’m not adverse to a little padhacking, but I’ve never done a 360 controller before, and I’m afraid I’d mess up the wiring to the Guide button.

oh, and sorry for the shit quality pics, my camera’s a little old.

"nearly severed the cord "


  1. Atleast one of the wires was cut?
  2. It does not work properly on your Xbox?

Your options.
a)Cut the wire where the cut was made splice the ends of the usb tips and solder them to the back of the white connector.
b)Purchase an Xbox rechargeable cable for the battery and remove the rechargeable connector from it and desolder the white connector from it and replace it on the Xbox Hori pcb.

I hope I made sense, I am in a hurry.

Both actually.

I have a recharge cable lying around, do I just take a flathead to it and pry apart the connector?

Also: to anyone that’s modded an EX2/DOA4, if you have the stock USB cord lying around, I’d be glad to take it off of your hands.

I have to use a small wire cutter to cut into the plastic. Lets me slowly peel off the white shell.

If any one modded their Hori ex2 then more then likely they are still using the same pcb.
If they remove the cord then the pcb is just useless. So goodluck finding a loose cable.

dori… thats a real easy fix.

just look at it for awhile and think about what needs to be done.