Help Fixing Cable on hrap EX-Se


So I found out my hori rap Ex-Se cord is messed up. Otherwise my stick is in perfect condition. The base of the cable right where it attaches to the base of the stick is where the problem is. I took off the bottom of the stick to see if there was an obviously broken or loose connection, but the cable looks fine from the outside. However, if I move the cable to the far left/right or far up/down…it looses connection until the cable is left alone at neutral position. I don’t usually wrap my cords up or anything when I store my stick. So I’m not sure what happened. How do I fix this and save an otherwise completely useable and expensive stick?


Need pictures to determine cause.


check out this thread


Hori is Awesome

I own a HRAP EX-SE, and in my research i found a story where a guy inadvertently smashed his usb cord. He contacted Hori, and while he was not under warranty, he was sent a full length cable for free. Just my input :slight_smile:


I asked them about it, and they said that the product is discontinued, sorry…and they left it at that. I emailed back and asked if they can just send me the usb cable and I’ll fix it myself. I haven’t heard back from them yet.