Help fixing my TV?

My girlfriends family have a fairly large tv that only works perfectly when put on its side, and the colors mess up when it is put normally. It seems like a huge waste to throw this TV out, and especially since I still need TV’s for PNW Majors in June.

Anyone have an idea about how to fix this or what the problem is? I would really appreciate it.

If you are any good at soldering, it might be worth it to pull the back off and go over every circuit board in the TV checking for dry solder joints.

If you don’t know what they are, dry joints usually happen because: 1) the manufacturer used crappy solder and 2) when parts heat and then cool, it can cause tiny fractures in the solder and won’t make a proper connection.

By turning the TV on the side, it’s probably making that connection which is why it works.

Give that a go, doesn’t cost anything as long as you already have a soldering iron and solder.

Does your TV have a way to Degauss it? The gun that shoots the electrons out to the phosphorus have to take into account the electromagnetic field of the earth; if it got used to being on its side (Shmup fan maybe?) it may need a good shaking up to readjust. There’s nothing about the age of the TV, so no way to know if its in an onscreen menu, or a button on the back.