Help for changing from keyboard to arcade stick

I’m a keyboard player since the game has been out. But I see fighting games are meant to be played with sticks so I have got one. But I could never get get used to it. It seems simply impossible. If I put it on the table it slides forth and back with my stick movements on the table. If I put it on my lap, I cannot concentrate on the game from trying to prevent it from moving. I almost every time make ST when I try to do FBA. Can it be possible that keyboard is better for charge characters? If not, how can I get used to the stick? Any recommendation? Where should I put it while playing? Should I cease playing with keyboard altogether and stick with the stick even if I suck and lose? Help required.

I play crosslegged, so the stick’s in my lap kinda balancing on my knees XD it never slides off, so it’s good. Also if your legs are level, the stick shouldn’t slip at all.

If you’re that worried about it, go to a hardware store, they usually have some adhesive mats that you can stick to the bottom that prevent slipping.

Honestly, training mode, lots of it, put your input display on and rinse moves over and over (with input display on, you can see exactly where you’re screwing up your motions, I had the exact same ST/FBA problem when moving from pad to stick. hit the stick into the corners of the gate if you have to, I still do it and there’s seriously nothing wrong with using the corners as a guide), and yes, you should stop playing with keyboard if you’re bent on learning stick. You’re slowing down your muscle memory and confusing it by going back and fourth between the two; Pad players moving to stick suffer the same issue if they keep switching.

and last of all? Be patient. You won’t learn stick over night. It took me a good two months to be comfortable with just using one, and a little longer to be fully confident. You’ll get there, just perseverance and patience is key.

just stick with keyboard if you want. They compatable with ps3 so you can use it at evo

I dont think that switching to stick will improve my gameplay. I will stick to my keyboard to the end of days.

props to you guys ,i can not even imagine playing with a keyboard. How do you guys jump in Up and right key at the same time, how do you do a Dp.forwar down forward… dont feel bad i grew up down the street from some grungy arcades and can only play stick…i cant use a d-pad to save my life or do a dp, charge chars though i can roll with just fine.

Guess its more of what you are raised on kinda thing…

i’ve always been a console gamer (because it was cheaper than arcades) and i didnt get my first PC till 2003 so… always been d-pad for me.

Yeah exactly. I can do every kind of thing with the keyboard with no problem. But with stick, I have tried for 5 minutes until I was able to do a DP motion :slight_smile:

Tnx for the pointers Pai. Will start training when the game installs. (I have uninstalled it a week ago with rage after a battle with someone who frustrated me -guess with which character? Yeah, Blanka :annoy:- And I had 11K bp, I’ll have to start anew :sad:

your points shouldnt start over. They are saved online not on your computer

REALLY? They were being saved on my computer in Vanilla! I would be really happy if that’s the case!

shouldnt be. should be saved on GFWL servers

otherwise you run the risk of people hacking their points like mad

This a hundred thousand million times.

I want to emphasize that you stick to one thing, and that you SLOW DOWN your inputs.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done QCB x2 + 3K and instead get DP + 2k

Yes, all my points, colors, titles and everything is gone. So that’s why people are hacking their points. They are saved on the computer.

that is such a dumb move by capcom then

titles, colors, and other shit should be gone but points? yeah that’s just begging for people to hack their points.

Yeah, there are guys with 99999999 points. Amazing, right? ;/

It does depend on what you grew up with. But to be honest, the keyboard is pretty easy if you put make it HitBox style where you have the up on the space bar. Most KB users grew up using the WASD format, and it was hell on your fingers executing 360 moves in strict command inputs like in SF2. Though games like SF4 is alot easier to execute in.

As for the TC, go with the HitBox controller dude. I’m a KB user myself and I’m considering of getting one as well. Either that or just get a good keyboard like choc mini. It takes a while to get good with the stick, give it 2 weeks and you’ll somewhat get it. Problems you’ll try to overcome later on are specific side dashes, 360 moves, and fast execution of supers.

Dont worry man, still happens too justing wong every tournament he goes to nowadays :lol:

Well, turned back to this after some time. Now for 2 days I’ve only been playing with stick. So no online for me for awhile.

But I just wonder, does it improve your gameplay? When you get comfortable with stick and get used to it completely do you play better than the previous instrument you were comfortable with (keyboard/pad) ? Or its just because arcade stick is the tradition of fighting games that everyone plays with them? :smiley:

And seriously I am just grateful I’m not using a command char. I can’t still make a SRK, but completed Vega’s trials with the stick.

To do an SRK with a stick just hit down-forward twice + punch.

i still think you should stick to keyboard or hitbox

just my 2 cents

Why would you think that and shatter my EVO dreams :smiley:

Seriously, people make fun of me for still playing with a keyboard. You are the only person that says “stick to keyboard”. Why? Does it not matter that much?