Help For Getting MvC2 On PS3

I Hate That The PSN Store Doesnt Have MvC2 Anymore,Is There A Way To Get MvC2 On My PS3 Without Jailbreaking It,

ask here good luck tho

I have asked in the fb group like 8 times, no one ever responds ;-;, Thanks tho pheonix. <3

not to hijake but looking for mvc2 psn here as well. Id rather go the psn route then get a dreamcast and wire up some arcade sticks for it

i have a cvs2,3s, MK Kollection and guilty gear up for game share.

I have game share space open on the psn.

Yooooo, sorry for responding late. PM me or respond in the thread when you see this.

Hey guys. I also would like to trade for MVC2 on PSN. I have Darkstalkers Resurrection, SF3: 3rd Strike and SF2: HD Remix (Among other games) I would be willing to trade!

Whats up everyone? I just recently got a PS3 and was disappointed to remember that they no longer sell MvC2 in the marketplace anymore. Would anyone be as kind as to gameshare with me? If there is a game you are looking for, let me know and I will try to get it so that we can trade. I appreciate it guys.

I sell accounts with MvC2 on them through paypal. Got 2 PSN accounts right now whatup? Hit me up on FaceBook (iTz KiNg) I be in the MvC2 group page as well. But if you just trying to gameshare, I’ll only do it if you got some good survival horror games to share.

What kind of horror games are you interested in?

I don’t want all of these, but if anyone has any of these I would be interested in gamesharing.

  1. Any of the Dead Space Games
  2. Fatal Frame 3 Classic PS2
  3. Dead Island
  4. The Last Of Us
  5. Any Silent Hill except SH1
  6. Any horror games in general

I would be willin to gameshare but i have nearly every game on PSN so id prefer money tbh. Pm me and maybe we can work something out.

I will see what I can do. Be in touch with your shortly.

the highjacking is real

Who highjacking? Cause Im the nigga that call sony asap something go wrong

no one really I was salty so many people got in the thread LOL its all good

Ohh fam had me on look out! Lol

Watching this Sanford vs Yipes FT100 has rekindled my spirit and drive to get this game again. Itz King, are you still interested in any of those games? I’m still looking for someone to gameshare with me. :smiley:

Then you’re out of luck, unless you’re fine with using shitty PC emulators.

It ain’t trollish if it’s true.