Help for multiple Air Dashes?

I saw Ray Ray doing a lot of what looks like the plink dash in the last Fingercramp episode. I didn’t even know she could do that. I don’t use Mags and don’t know if this is done via the same method.

I use both pad and stick, but prefer pad for Marvel. Any tips or can someone point me to a vid?

Hmm…If you are using pad. Are you one button Dashing? If you are, Just Fly, Dash with a very brief pause and be specific with your directions so another attack dosen’t come out by mistake. There is a height restriction on it, It dosen’t work if u are too low to the ground. Hmm, Not much I can say about it…Just practice. The method is pretty much the same for Stick and pad IMO.

i do it on pad so if it’s what you prefer to use then don’t worry about it
it’s mostly just a timing thing, you’ll muscle memory it in no time

im not sure if this is what youre talking about but…[media=youtube]8bOfEHshsfk[/media] the air dash at 20:30 for trish was sick!! and i was wondering if it has a name and what the inputs were to do it