Help for some combo of hers

Alrighty let me cut to the chase. I have seen on countless videos of other chun players, and indeed vs myself ingame as well, this sequence that she does which I am sure you all know: basically the slide (down + HP) cancels at half way into med kicks(at least I think they are med) and does a sht load of dmg. The problem is IT NEVER FREAKIN WORKS WITH ME :@@@@. I practiced it in training room, and even asked other chun players for advice but only got some senseless reply from them (as is expected from random internet people).

I guess I must be missing something out, or missunderstanding something so please tell me what to do before I freaking smash this stick of mine


great. very useful comment just as expected.

I can only assume you are referring to Cr. Hp canceled into Lighting Legs?
There is an abundance of info on here if you so desire to seek it out.
I’ll turn your attention to the following thread:

You’ll find what you are looking for…

yeah like rayartz said use MY thread to find ALL the damn info about the loop

how hard is to properly lurk?

Do you use a stick or a pad/controller? Along with the thread, Youtube should provide your answers.

n/m. What kind of stick do you use? It’s easier with soft sanwa parts, for me. I use slide.

As much as I love to help new players learn Chun, I have to agree with Malva, there is a veritable wealth of information on these boards and, generally speaking all the contributors are super helpful, but literally, the info you’re looking for is just a few threads down.

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