Help getting into Third Strike

Hey everyone. I am new to the whole fighting game scene and I need some help. I have played all of the “main stream” series like SF, DOA, and the like. But I have never realy got into one enough to get competitive or keep playing for more than a few weeks. I recently bought an authentic arcade stick and Third Strike and have got to say it is by far THE best fighter that I have ever played. I like it so much that I would like to get to a competitive level even if it is only local competition. The problem is I find it very unaccessable. There are all of these frases, terms, and other things I have never heard. And the tips and guides are hard to understand because of my lack of knowledge. There is also realy no way to just “train” that I know of and the people online are scrubs just like me. I am aware that I am a “scrub” and am asking for your help. I desperatly want to get good at this game and I am willing to spend hours practicing, losing, and bettering my self. Please help me. ANY advise or knowledge that you can give me would be great. Thank You

PS and as always, sorry for the bad spelling/grammar

dood. 3S is like, the most accessible mainstream fighter out there.

you should probably re-check the 3S thread, there’s tons of golden info in there.

PS: if you understand basic Capcom fighting conventions (jab, strong, fierce, etc), then you shouldn’t have a problem navigating through the 3S thread.

This is a good first post, damnit. And you’re not a scrub with this mindset. A scrub is someone unwilling, or unable to learn, and play the game correctly, so you’ve got that going for you. The best place for you right now is Thongboy Bebop’s 3S Gen. Ed. at and for the jargon, and the first two ‘reference’ articles.

If there are any specific questions that you’d want answered, I’m sure people would be happy to do that. But explaining all of the phrases, terms, etc in 3rd Strike would take a really long time. Check out the stuff that Tantin posted, and if you have questions after that, ask away.

Always glad to see a new person into the scene.

Anyway, the best place for most/all the terms we use is at .

After awhile, the language is easy enough to pick up hanging around here, especially if you’ve been playing fighting games for quite a bit.

out-responded. :frowning:


Thanks man, I apreciate it. I am heading over to those sites right now. I would still like any info that you can give me.:wgrin:


Do any of you know if the official strategy guide for Anniversary Edition is any good?

it’s pretty decent, better than most fighting game guides.

i’d say worth picking up, even at full price.


How do you pick “your” character? I am curently practising with Ryu but how do I know if he is the right choice for me?

The best way to go about learning 3rd Strike is to pick a very basic, but complete, character first (Ken is very good to start with). Use that one character to learn all of the basics (high/low/throw, cancelling, super-cancelling, karathrows, crossups, etc). After that, go through and learn every single character. It seems daunting now, but when you have a good idea of the gameplay mechanics you can breeze through them all pretty easily. That’s usually when you’ll find the character that feels “right” - that’s exactly how I started playing Oro and Sean (but I started with Akuma, not Ken).

As for the strategy guide, yeah, it’s definitely worth picking up. Once you get better at the game, it won’t be so useful anymore, you’ll notice some things that are wrong with it… but for a beginning player I really can’t think of a better starting point than the strategy guide.

it all depends on your style of play, which character design you like (without thinking of where they are in the tiers), and i guess, how much you want to win.

i say, watch some match vids, see what character fits your “envisioned” gameplan, and hit up some training mode. if you don’t like the way things are coming along, try someone new.

you don’t need a guide to tell you to verify into sa2 and mix it up with throws in fact i just saved you 14.99

edit: also mash on cr.jab sometimes

lol. if chun is the character you want to play with. and even then, there’s a bit more to her than that.

Like what? Zandwich pretty much decribed everything I do with her. Except for standing fp and b+fp XX SA2.

First off, awesome first post. You’ve got the right attitude for success.

As others have said, start with a good “learner” character–I’m also thinking Ken–and then just wander the character-select screen and pick some people. Check the strategy guide or the forums here (the articles listed above will help with the notation) for some basic information on how to play a given character, and then take them for a spin and see how you like them. Learning a fighting game is a long process, so you don’t need to rush to get started on any one character.

Learn makoto. I don’t play her but I play a lot of good players who can only dominate with her wherein I’m really good with a lot of players but not even close to being a top player with any one player. Makato doesn’t have a steep learning curve but with a little practice she is very well balanced against any character.

I bet people envy your skills.[/sarcasm] You’d get raped if that was all you did.


Thanks guys for all the help and sending me in the right direction. Correct me if I am wrong but Ryu and Ken are VERY close so I think I will continue to practice with Ryu. I ordered the guide book anyways since I had a gift certificate for so I think that will help. I have been practising alot and I think I am getting alot better. If anyone plays the xbox anniversary version on Live that would be awesome if you didnt min playing with me and teaching me some things in the form a ass-whooping. My “good” internet is down so I will be able to play some where around valentines day. My gamertag is GothicSlayr. Spelled just like that without the “e”. Just a quik note, I am not gothic. That is just a name I created playing Diablo2 before the word “gothic” was used for people that wear black and want to die. Sorry for the rambling and thanks again for welcoming me to the community.

EDIT- Also I will be changing my gamertag in about a month to YouGotSlayed so if you get an error just send it their.

it’s ok, your name makes it sound like you kill goths instead. (actually it doesn’t, but let’s just do our best to save face here)

and as you learn the game you’ll realize that ryu and ken really aren’t that similar, but hey, they’re shotos.

would you mind explaing the difference? and does it matter wich I practice with?