Help getting my offense going


So I’ve been playing SSFIV for awhile. I was playing Ryu to get my basics down and recently decided to switch to Chun. I’ve been putting my time in getting my combos and links going in training, as well as reading about priority of my moves for situations. The big run in I’m having is getting things really moving when I’m playing in matches. I play online (I know…I have a full time job and only have found one other person in my area with a serious SF interest) and just get picked apart. I usually float around 700pp… which is laughable at best. Yet I hold my own from time to time against 2-3K plus player.

I’m having a hard time getting my offense going. I try my best to play a little footsies and I don’t just sit in down back or try to always keep me charge going. I just can never seem to get in on the people who hold downback or relentless rushdowns. I feel that almost every game I’m never controlling the match, I’m always the one just trying to hang on by a thread or just trying to sneak LK in to get some combos going.

Any advice you guys can throw my way? I’ve been reading and watching videos but I just can’t seem to get things going the way I’ve seen or believe I’m supposed to.


In terms of offense, throw people until they start teching and then start punishing them for teching.

Also Hazan Shu.


Chun-li is an interesting character where she starts her offense by forcing her opponent to commit mistakes.
She is like Sakura where, her fireball can be used to pressure the opponent out of turtling and play your game, and simultaneously like Guile where she can pressure opponents during a fireball war by using normals, throwing out of block stun, and hazan shus (inc tier list QQ).

Try following your lp kikokens and using s.hp or (which you can cancel into hazan shu) to stuff the response, or using a jump-in attack, or simply a throw.

She also has the fastest jab in the game that can link into s.hp for extra damage and space anytime the opponent is pressuring you too hard.


Sounds like your reads are out of whack, practice your combo’s outside of fights but, while in games dont make plans to land them. Keep your spacing and poke aka “play footsies” Watch your opponent, look for his intentions first, he jumps in you have an answer, he blockstrings slowly, moves in close, answer it with a crouching throwtech. He turtles, answer it with the above mentioned post. Find the kind of offensive attacks that are safest. All of chuns Fiercepunches are practically free. J.HP hits people all the time because they cant simply hold back without mistakenly pressing downback (thats a 2 hit target combo, second one often lands)

Feel your way through your opponents defense, reversal your way out of strong offense, let the combo’s come out without thinking.
(good reversal is ex spin kicks, they stop jumpins and messed up combos)


This is all stuff I’m going to start focusing on. I need to stop just trying to land combos and work on my footsies more. Thanks guys!


For me, I build offense from mixups, frametraps and hit-confirm combos, and most importantly, baits.


Depending on the character a knock down maybe a good choice. If your able to end a combo with a special or normal that is an untechable knock down. You get a good amout of damage before gaining the advantage to mix-up, put yourself in a posision for a set up, or just stop mid thought and block… And from there you can roll through your options again.


i wouldn’t suggest using hazan shu unless the opponent just isn’t that good


im a very offensive chun player.

Add me, play me and ill give you advice, minus the typical SRK mocking. Ill even setup situations in the match where I think you should try things just to help you spot the situations when they arise.

Chun does well with offense assuming you do a lot of high/low mixups. Hazanshu is a great tool to utilize, but its not spam worthy. She also has a really great safe jump cross up that should be abused.

Being offensive with chun really comes down to knowing the match and what the other person can do. for example, theres things I occasionally do in chun mirrors before the other person has EX that I just dont do to anyone else, ever. Theres a distinctive rush down technique for almost every character you face.

also, chun is the kind of character that will take a long time to “get”. Playing chun is all about understanding how to control the space you are in, and theres really no way to win without that, at all. Shes not like many other characters where you can just get lucky with powerful moves sometimes, and she doesnt have quite as many combos as other characters have.

Some people said throwing is a good thing to do, I couldnt agree more. She has a huge throw range, and it pisses scrubby players off because they think throwing (or throwing too much) is bad, which helps you.

and finally, in order to be successful with chun youll need to understand all of the fundamentals of zoning, plinking, piano inputs, safe jumps, links, cancels etc.