Help getting my stick working on 360!

I have a custom stick by Snaaake, which is great btw! It is soldered to a ps1 board. So how do I get it working on my xbox 360?? I have a ps1 to xbox adapter. And I have a ps1 to usb adapter as well for my computer. It seems that my usb adapter won’t work with the 360. Anyone heard of the XPS 360 or XFPS 360 adapter?? Any other thoughts on how to get our psx based sticks working for the upcoming sssf2t hd remix and SF4?

The XFPS isn’t very good at all. Its expensive and known to have lots of lag problems. You also need to have a wired controller to sync it up with the console. Definitely don’t buy it.

Your best bet is to rewire the controller to have an additional PCB in it for the 360 OR buy yourself another custom/commercial stick.