Help getting stick to work

Ok guys, let me first explain that I’m from Holland originally, and in my neighbourhood, arcades were quite scarce. The closest one that had ST was half an hour away by bus.

As such, I never really got a feel for using a stick and became a pad warrior. Reading about sticks and how they improve your game got me intrigued and I decided I wanted to learn how to play stick.

Problem though, is that those things are quite expensive. You might say it’s a good investment, but without arcades around to try and see if I actually like using a stick, it’s rather risky for me to just shell out almost a hundred bucks.

Now that you see my situation, here’s the deal:
I walked by a second hand shop and saw they had a cheap stick for sale. Now I know, I absolutely know most people here think it’s a piece of shit, but I just wanted to see if I could handle a stick at all. So before I buy anything good but expensive, I bought the Soul Calibur II universal stick.

Problem is, I’ve been using a usb converter for my PS2 pad to play online, so I thought it would be as easy as just plugging the stick in there and I could play, but no. It doesn’t respond. My pc says it’s working properly, but it doesn’t do anything.

Does anybody here happen to know if there’s a way to get it to work on a pc? I don’t know if it even works at all, 'cause I don’t have my PS2 here to try it out.

Thanks in advance and sorry for being such a noob.

Bob Sagat

you probably need to configure the game pad in the game. or choose the option to use gamepad. if that doesnt work… could be driver issue?

Nope, that’s what I tried, but it doesn’t even work in the control panel.
It also says no drivers need to be installed…