Help/guidance needed with DIY project i would call my "Xbox 360 gamepadstick"


I’m trying to gather info to build my ultimate “Xbox 360 gamepadstick”…
I am in need of the help of the Pro builders/modders on this forum to be my guide on this, my journey of creation…

I have this idea to make a DIY arcade stick that has all the functionallity of a xbox 360 gamepad.
This including the 2 analogue sticks (if that is even possible) and a D-pad committed stick (like a Sanwa JLF) or a D-pad made with 4 individual buttons (like arrow keys on a keyboard)

This is a basic rendering of my idea i would like to create in the near future (if it is even possible)

The thing is I need windows 10 to “SEE” only one device to use it correctly in xbox 360 gamepad supporting PC games…
(Or is there a program that can emulate a single xbox 360 gamepad using inputs from multiple usb connected devices that i don’t know about?)

And this is where i need the help/guidance of the best of the best…
What parts do i need (what PCB’s, what analogue sticks are good for this idea, what programs do i need to set it all up…)

Anyway thanks in advance and I hope someone takes the time to point me in the right directions…
kind regards


For Non-box sticks consider downloading X360CE,

As for using all the buttons? What are you trying to archive/Play?


What’s with that unorthodox layout? You could just padhack a regular 360 controller and make the control panel layout similar to a Project Diva controller.

Just swap the directional buttons with a joystick or WASD style buttons, rearrange the face buttons to a Vewlix layout, and mount the PCB in a way that allows the analogs to stick out.

I don’t think there are any aftermarket joystick PCBs that can allow LS RS and DP at the same time. They all have switches to change between the three.


Unless he pad hacks a regular game pad.


Thanks for the response/input…
I appreciate your help.
I know the layout is odd but, it is not yet set in stone (so to speak), It was just my first idea/thoughts for the layout to have all gamepad inputs on one DIY arcadestick…

The idea behind the project is to construct a custom stick that I could use for al kinds of modern pc games without having to hold a gamepad in my hands, i want to put a stick on my desk or lap and play with is that way…
For instance i would play games like third person adventure/rpg (think: Witcher games, Dark Souls trilogy…), racing games (mostly arcade style racing like NFS2015), FPS games (style like Far Cry/Crisis), all with the one DIYstick.

I would also use it A LOT to emulate al kinds of consoles ranging from the NES/Gameboy all the way up to PS2/PSP/WII/Gamecube…
(and for the more recent consoles i would like to have the 2 analogue sticks as well)

And to be able to play all these types of games (including the emulators) i need windows to “SEE” the stick as one single device or find a way to emulate it so that windows thinks i use one xbox 360 controller…

One question is burning on my mind right now… Does X360CE allow input from multiple different usb devices at once (like my Hori RAP4, PS3 gamepad, retrolink N64 gamepad…) to emulate just one xbox 360 controller?

on a sidenote:
i just found this video on youtube:
this is kinda what i’m trying to build myself… it did exist back in 2005/2006… now i’m trying and build something in this style myself…

This also exists…
The price is CRAZY expensive for my taste, build quality is a huge question mark and i don’t like the general layout.
So to buy one of these to then migrate it to my preferred layout with new (quality) buttons and better digital 4-way stick would be close to insane…

For those who would like to know, my layout idea was loosely based on an old really beaten down “N64 Mad Catz Dual Arcade Control Stick” i saw at a flea market couple years ago…


I’ve had an idea to do something similar for a good 2-ish years now. Basically a Hatsune-Miku and Hitbox hybrid of sorts.
Never did get around to it due to all sorts of other things getting in the way, time-wise.


I think i found a possible solution to my own question (after 4 hours of looking for possible solutions that is)

UJR or Universal Joystick Remapper
hound here: (official website)

i shall test this out and report back…
if it works as needed then this could be usefull to at least some people…


I play with a lot of unconventional controller schemes myself so I understand the appeal but I don’t think your going to get that much coverage out of one device. Generally how I do stuff like this is with a lot of Button macros.

What I’d do with your idea is assign a button(s) as a modifier, adding buttons as it suits your needs.

Joystick = Directional pad.
Button 1 Held > Joystick = Left Analog
Button 2 Held > Joystick = Right Analog

Look in to Xpadder and GlovePie, the scripting can be complicated and takes a few hours of learning but you can make very elaborate button chains, macros, reassignments etc. Xpadder is easier to use, GlovePie is more feature rich.

Also try the Wii Joystick, it connects via the Nunchuck port, you’ll have a Joystick in lap and can still use the Wii remote as a wireless mouse and it’s button rich.


i found something realy useful:
use Vjoy + UJR (Universal Joystick Remapper) thanks to youtube user “Videogame Bucko”

Vjoy website:
UJR website:

with this tutorial i was able to combine 2 direct intput devices (or more if really needed) to be seen in windows as one single device (tested with hori rap 4 + retrolink n64 controller with no noticable lag)

so i could for instance combine 2 of these ultimarc ultrastick 360:
use them as my 2 analogue sticks AND with the added possibility to connect 8 buttons per ultrastick i could make my initial idea a reality (

Maybe someone finds this useful for their own projects…