Help guys. Girl in distress!

Ok guys, I’ve not been playing Street Fighter for very long, and I’m still learning an awful lot everyday that I play, but I just want some advice on something if you may help me.

I was recommended to come here because they said you guys will help me improve my game.

Here’s my problem :-

My main charecter is Cammy, but her moves are very close and I find her hard to use, how could I use her effectively in a defensive manner, and if anyone who would you reccomend I use as a new starter on Street Fighter?

start with sakura

read the Q & A in that section. Also read the match up thread.

Hehe, this thread instantly made me think of this:

Oh how I love cracked. informative, funny, and yet true.

Using cammy defensively can be a bit of a challenge, since she’s pretty offensive-related and mix-up based.

If you want to be defensive, just sit back. It’s not really something that can be taught, defense is something you have to learn on your own. To put it bluntly, I can teach somebody how to attack, and how to rush somebody down and mix them up. But I can’t teach them, “See this? Yeah, block that.” That’s something that’s self-taught with experience and time.

If you play online, instead of being aggressive, be defensive, patient, and sit back. Let your opponent come to you, and try to punish their whiffed attacks or dropped links. If you rush them, you won’t be learning anything. Be patient, sit back, and let them make the mistake.

Oh, and as for a new starter character? Pick who you want to use. Go through the cast, and whoever appeals to you, pick them up and stick with them. Some characters will be harder to use them some, and others will be easier. Pick up whoever you feel you are having the most fun with, and stick with it! :slight_smile:

Are you on PSN or XBL? If you’re on PSN shoot me a friend request and I’ll see what I can do to help you out. Quebert69 is my ID.

Oh, and welcome, btw. :smiley:

Well first off, guys and girls are equally capable of doing well in any game. Choco Blanka, for example, has beaten the grandmaster Mago (known as the grandmaster with the highest number of points in Japan). So, don’t think that you’re any less capable than any guy or that we inherently know more about the game. You’ll find a point in time where you know much more about X than some random guy does.

Second, Cammy is a very capable character. Is she the easiest to use at a high level? No, because she has technical things such as the Instant Cannon Strike (down, down-back, back, upforward + K) that aren’t easy to master at lower levels. She is pretty powerful and is good at rushdown. Defensively, she’s okay as she basically has a dragon punch like special but it’s high damage, pretty powerful, hits far, and can be FADC’d for more damage. She also has that pretty good anti-air down-roundhouse I believe? Anyway, you have to play her close to be most effective. All of her moves and options take this into account. The only moves you can do from far away or Cannon Drill (usually unsafe) and hooligan throw (not reliable at higher levels unless on wakeup). Thus, she’s not a good “far away” or “defensive” character.

A good character to start off with is, of course Ryu, but if you like female characters, Chun-Li is an excellent choice also. Charge characters are usually inherently played more defensively at a lower level (since they require back charge), but can also be played offensively at a higher level. Chun Li has great pokes, easy specials, easy combos into Ultra, and a decent get off me move (Ex. Spinning Bird Kick). She is good at many things and, in my opinion, easier to use well than Cammy.

Why exactly was this needed?

X2. I understand why it was said, but it really wasn’t needed IMO.


Don’t forget Crouching Fierce for anti-air. That’s pretty good, too.

I really wouldn’t recommend cammy. Even though you’re a girl you might need to step out to other character like Ryu or Balrog to help you learn the game. My girlfriend wanted to play cammy aswell and it’s just too difficult for a new player. She has since switched to Chun Li but, I still don’t think she’ll start improving until she understands the game more and playing with some other characters are better for that.

Don’t spam cannon drills…er…spiral arrow, whatever she calls it now. It’s highly punishable if blocked, and it is usually blocked. Cammy is a fine character to begin with, if you can control her speed.

“Hey I’m a girl in distress” and “people said guys would be able to help me.” It has nothing to do with being a girl or having guys help you. If you’re a beginner, you’re a beginner. If you’re a pro, you’re a pro. There are a lot of girls who COULD be good at street fighter but don’t think so. Why? “Because I’m not a guy! My hands don’t naturally move like that!” As if guys have been playing video games since the Stone Age. I’m just saying gender doesn’t matter.

you idiot she said “people said you guys would be able to help me” aka SRK not males in general

While I can see the confusion, she meant you guys in general, like Kelter said: you’re probably better off with starting with a Shoto… once you have the basics you can now play Gouken, Akuma, Ryu, Ken, and, to a much lesser extent, Sagat (not Shoto but similar enough) and probably Sakura

If you are stuck on using a female character to represent the gender or whatever, have you considered Rose? She’s not high-tier or anything but I think tourneys are the last things on your mind right now… I’m toying around with her in the lab right now and I like her Soul Reflect, her Anti-air grab is nice if you pull it off and her Illusion Spark ultra has proven handy in some tight situations…

Stick with cammy. do other characters challenges but stick with cammy. In the long run you will get real good. Read up on the cammy forums they can give you better advice then here about your character. in the right hands cammy is good but to master her character specific techniques you will have to pick her all the time no matter what. You’ll start to learn and get better with her over time. If your on xbox send an invite I have a friend who’s a very good cammy player I can introduce you to that can help your game.

Use Ryu, learn how to play the game, expand from there.

Meh. My point still stands. She doesn’t need to be a girl in distress. She can just be a “beginner player” like everyone else who makes a thread in this forum.

you know she’s just harping for attention right? You don’t have to go around preaching the prowess of women.

ALTERNATE ANSWER: I don’t know, sticks could be a little too big for her to handle