Help hacking play and charge kit


I seen in someones work log they had used a wireless 360pad for there stick. they hacked the play and charge kit and extended the cable to plug into a jack near the front of the box. he had a link to a tutorial but its broken, so im not sure how to start it. If someone could direct me to a link I would really apreciate it.


heres the link to thread I was speaking of


I shortened the play and charge cable then modded something like this into the box and connected the play and charge to it. This way I can use a regular usb printer cable to charge the stick.


just cut the cable of the play and charge kit, wire it up to this usb jack and get another usb B to A cable.


perfect, thats exactly what i needed. But can anyone tell me how to wire to it? or direct me to somewhere that would.


did you really read the thread? all these questions are already answered and there’s a big ass picture of it and you can even see where the wires go. here’s the pin out also the usb jack i linked I guess is from an Australian website so you’re probably going to want to buy it from somewhere else cause the shipping would be outrageous.


Not sure which link isn’t working for you, but either way you don’t really need a tutorial if all you are doing is soldering a USB jack on the end.

Have a look here for the pinout of a USB jack and solder the wires to the correct pins.

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In your build did you just plug the play and charge kit into your controller then have the jack on the outside of the box?


Yeah, it’s just plugged into the top of the controller, like it normally would be.


I’m gonna throw in a misc CnP question in here. Is it true CnP kits sync the wireless controller to the XBox? My brother claims this, despite just getting an XBox a few months ago while I’ve had it for years. I also noticed a lot of people dont put external buttons for their sync buttons, so maybe this is true?


Interesting I would also like to know this.


Yes, it’s true that the PnC kit does sync the wireless controller to the Xbox it’s plugged in to…only problem is you can’t play on PC or use a converter to play on PS3 with the PnC kit.