Help! HAPP user wants to go to japanese parts

Hello there.

Lemme get to the point: I always used HAPP, and I LOVE IT!
Why I wanna change? I’m sick of having to sit on the floor and be forced to look upwards to the TV, on tournaments. There’s not always another chair around to put the stick there, so, I want to use a japanese stick so I can play with it on my lap.

I tried Sanwa parts and I hated it, the buttons are way too sensitive for a HAPP user IMO. And the Stick, I don’t know, it does’t give me any confidence while playing, it’s too “fragile” I can’t explain, it just feels… weird.
Seimitsu buttons are OK, I can play with them (I played on a custom that has Sanwa Stick and Seimitsu parts).
I never played on a Seimistu Joystick, and I’m wondering if a Seimitsu with a Bat Top can be an experience closer to the HAPP than the terrible exp I had with the Sanwa sticks.

I don’t know anyone near me that has a Seimitsu so I can’t test, I’ll have to buy it, so, help is appreciated so I don’t waste money :stuck_out_tongue:

So, TLDR: HAPP user here, wanna ditch HAPP for maybe Seimitsu, so I can put the controller on my lap. But wanna know if it’ll be good for me.

Sorry about the terrible english :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand why you can’t lap with an American stick. If it needs some weight, just throw some duct tape and a few bucks in pennies in there.

Regardless, the mod that I’ve heard that people like to do to kind of “Americanize” their JLF is to do the following:

Add LS-33 spring.
Remove stock restrictor gate; replace with GT-C gate.
Remove ball top; replace with Bat Top.

Barring that, you could also add the Cherry switches used by Happ joysticks into a Sanwa JLF, too.

I don’t know, the controller is way too large, wide and tall for playing on lap. Really unconfortable and the arms have to bend a bit more than it’s confortable.

Good thing about Japanese parts is that you can make a stick with 5cm height and it’s really confortable to let your arms rest in it.

I see. Well, there’s also the tricky mod of doing this: TUTORIAL- How to Mount a Happ Arcade Stick in a <3" case

It’s caused Happ joysticks to be able to be mounted in a TE (With a panel from LightningLabel Customs)

Hm this seems like a lot of work…
And the fact that the Actual stick is smaller will make the movements really odd, it won’t feel like HAPP.

I guess I’ll go on and buy a Seimitsu to test.

Seimitsu LS-58 or LS-56 with octogonal gate.


Lol I just remembered that I have a Seimitsu that I bought for a mod but never got to use it. I gonna test it today.

This is the best answer. Or just buy an LS-55 spring for your JLF and adapt to a square gate.

Here’s a tip that you might be able to do with your USA stick, because I had this problem… and I learned HOW to play with it on my lap…

I got a saw and cut the front side bottom corners off of it, and stapled some padded fabric to it, so it would cup around my legs. I didn’t play with it on my lap, but I molded the front bottom of it so that I can sit on a chair and play with it almost between my legs in a comfortable way. I wish I didn’t sell it, or I’d have pictures to show.

Also, I’m primarily a HAPP user myself, as I used nothing but HAPP / American sticks for over 13 years. A pro-tip for getting used to Japanese sticks…

  1. Get a hard spring. Japanese sticks are way too loose, IMHO.
  2. Either get an octagon gate, as suggested, or MY PERSONAL preference… Get a $20 dremel from Amazon and turn your square gate into a circular gate. I used a nickel for the circumference.

Isn’t the 33 a light spring?

Probably but adding a spring without removing the old one, as shown in the ultimate JLF mod, should make it tighter regardless. Never tried that myself but a lot of people swear by the U.J.L.F.M. 'round here or at least I’ve seen it linked often.

I hear the primary reason western buttons don’t fit in these joystick cases is that is they’re too long. Can anybody say if these “short barrel” tiwanese concave push buttons from Paradise Arcade would fit in a japanese case? You can switch the generic microswitch that comes with them for a cherry microswitch for +25c which should make them feel more like the older H.A.P.P.s.

Failing that, RoboKricket had a method for installing cherry microswitches in japanese buttons. However doing it might seem a bit tricky as well since you need to drill.

The 55 is a mans spring for Happ users. I put them on every JLF I have. You don’t have to double them up etc etc.

On page 435 of “Check out my New Arcade Stick” about halfway down you will find my Spiderman Happ! The box was made by SRK member Issadrac, while wired, pcb’d and buttoned up by me.

( Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting) )

Anyway it’s very much a comfortable laptop Happ . When not using it or my HitBox I like an:

LS-32 with a round gate, Aluminum Bat top and a JLW spring or
LS-40 with a 45mm Ball top, and a JLW spring. ( The JLW spring is king for those particular Seimitsu sticks.

I find that the added weight of the heavier tops really smooths out the travel of the sticks.

If using a JLF then an LS 55 spring makes it pretty comfortable with just a standard ball top.

Although if you really want Happ heavy-ish in a small Joystick the LS-32 with a JLW spring, round gate, and a “Ball Top” is probably close without sacrificing functionality. I mean you can always try doubling up springs and such but that just has never felt right for me.

Regardless, good luck on finding what works best for you!

Im a big fan of Happs & still am as i feel its more accurate then the japanese sticks…The reason why i switch is that majority if not all of the scene in my area uses sanwa squares…Plus my candy cabs had all japanese parts…During gatherings they would avoid my happs stick or my P360 arcade cab…So eventually i got used to playing on sanwa’s…

Just go with the general consensus which is sanwa jlf square gate…In case you need to borrow a stick in a tournament or gathering…

Another option is to get the Sanwa JLW. come in either bat or ball top and very firm. it can still be mounted in a shallower case as well. My first stick was a JLW and i really enjoyed it. The circle gate isnt worth it though. the case height was 2.5" which is still very reasonable.

Good luck!