[HELP!] Have I ruined my pad?


I have a Madcatz 4716 pad that I was using for my custom, and while my friend was soldering it (should’ve done it myself), he burnt off the signal contact pad for the X button. Now there is no pad for the wire to solder to, however there is still a tiny bit of metal left at the end of line that still works, and shorting that tiny sliver of metal with ground activates the button.

Do any of you experienced solderers know if this is salvageable? Any chance I can solder to the tiny tiny sliver of metal and without taking my hand off the wire…glue gun it? Or is it possible to scrape the line to find the trace and solder to that? I’m at a loss here…

Any help would be appreciated…thanks.


It should work if you just scrape a small area around it with a knife of some sort and soldering to the exposed contact. That’s what I did when I ruined a contact point for the Xbox 360 Guide button on that same type of pad.


So should I scrape the green line that’s leading away from the original pad and solder to the exposed traces or should I scrape the area where the pad use to be?


Sure. Then hot glue that sucker.


This question gets asked at least once six times a week, by the way :v


thank you very much :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about changing the stick in my box. I’m a total noob to soldering so I’ll have to remember not to burn off any contact pads


Just pre-tin your wires. Then you can add more solder if needed. You shouldnt ever really end up heating the pad so much that it removes itself from the PCB.

Hope you sorted the problem divertiti


do remember apply flux on the contact or wire before soldering, usually that save you from burning a contact due to overheating.