Help,Have you seen it around?

Hi all.
Sorry for creating a new thread for this but I haven’t found any other that’s related so far(yeah I’m new here :P) .I’ve been looking all over the net for the
Blazblue Hakumen Crest
You know… the emblem each characters has on the game?I’ve been able to find the image on both the jp site of BB and dustloop,etc… but it is so small:crybaby: 300x300 that I can’t even get to vectorize it correctly.
If any one knows where I can get a bigger sized img of the crest please let me know,I really need this to get the tatoo going.

Cheers \m/

you made a fucking thread for this? I hate you so much.

j/k hope this help. dnt know if thts enough to vectortize it. im pretty sure thts hakumens.

Sorry bout that lol.
Yup that’s the one for sure but still always the 300px version,it’s everywhere… but since it’s so small you can’t get into the details
All around the net I could only find 3 640x640 images,posting here if anyone else also wants bigger crest pics.


Whoa, those are awesome. But I still gotta roll with my favorite.

Indeed Vagrant Story’s crest still is class,thx for the img saving that for flash ^^

in the future please use this thread for help finding images