HELP! HD-PVR & PS3 giving me input lag on my HDTV!


Hey guys I need major help!
-HD-PVR [Gaming Edition]
-LG 37" 1080p Full HDTV
-PS3 Slim

The way I’ve set it up is:
- PS3 into HD-PVR
-HD-PVR Usb to my Laptop
-HD-PVR Outputs to my HDTV (Where I watch and play ofcourse)

So, for example, I’m playing and notice around 1-2 second delay in my controller input, I know the pad isn’t lagging but rather the live feed from my HD-PVR output to my HDTV!

Therefore I can’t livestream at all :frowning:

How can I fix this? The exact leads I have are:
-Component to Component (Male to Male) (From OUTPUT of HD-PVR into my HDTV
-PS3 Component, from PS3 to HD-PVR INPUT
-USB Cable to my Dell XPS

I know the HD-PVR Software will have much delay which is fine but it delays in my TV aswell


I got a splitter for my PS3-HDPVR-TV setup. This eliminated lag.


I think I have to agree! Do you mind telling me exactly what splitter/converter you use?


I use a component splitter from radio shack.