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I’m kinda new here in, and I just learned playing arcade some months ago. I just loved this game and kinda picked this M.Bison guy (polceman) as my character. I also practiced some of his special moves. Pls help me and advice me on what should I do when I compete with other players, coz I usually end up dead (maybe coz I’m a girl?) BTW, i use him in C groove. Thank you very much ppl!

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Can you post a pic? I lost to a girl at the arcade before… I cried that night.


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Do you have the game at home? Being able to practice before you play at the arcade is the most important thing in my opinion. Try these combos…

-d.LP, d.LP, far s.LK xx HP psycho crusher
You have to be good at charging down-back in all your combos if you want to be good with Bison. Try doing this combo from a F, F dash as well as after a jump-in attack. Either from the front or off a cross-up j.HK. Make sure you’re good.

You can mix up, dash, d.LP xx combo with dash, throw, as well as LK scissors kicks.

-d.LP, far s.LK xx HP psycho crusher
You know when the other guy wants to walk up and throw you? Like when he hits you with a couple jabs, then walks forward. Don’t ever mash on the buttons when he might be doing something like that. Wait until the last second, then counter him with a d.LP xx combo when he tries to throw you.

Once you get good, you’ll be able to replace the HP pscho crushers with level 2 kick supers (canceled into HP crusher) or level 3 super psycho crushers!

p.s. Always keep the LK button held down so you never get accidental LK scissors kicks.


If the other guy jumps from far away, use Bison’s far s.HP. If he jumps from closer, use jump back j.MP. If you’re facing Sagat, always use d.HP instead. Against Vega, you’ll want to jump forward and use the air j.MP, j.MP chain.


d.MK is a really powerful move. After you hit or make the opponent block it, you always have the frame advantage. Try this mindgame…

-d.MK, walk up throw

or if you think the opponent will try to reverse or jump away…

-d.MK, far s.MK

d.LP is really strong as well. Getting into the range to use it can be hard, but once you’re in, this move is one of Bison’s best…

-d.LP, throw
-d.LP, (wait), counter hit d.LP, far s.LK xx HP psycho crusher
-d.LP, d.MK…

Overall Strategy:

Bison walks really, really fast. Use that to the best of your advantage with lots of throws, walk up d.MKs, and against big characters, walk up s.LPs and far s.MPs.

Outside of using a super, Bison lacks any kind of really powerful reversal type move though (like a Shoryuken or Tiger Uppercut). Bison is best played really patient and defensive. Try your best to always let the opponent make the first mistake, then always capitatize on your openings.

That should get any beginner Bison player started. Learn to anti-air first and formost, do combos and mindgames, and most important of all, learn to play patient. The biggest mistake I always see beginner Bisons make is that they have no patience at all. d.HK slide from close and other unsafe stuff like that all too often .Once you learn how to play patient, you’ll be able to make the most of your openings every time, and you’ll be that much close to playing your character to his or her full potential.

I know I might of written a lot, but I sure hope at least of some of it helped. Good luck and have fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks! My basic combo, well, goes like this: J.MK, land, c.LK c. LK, c. MK, LK scissors kick. I also learned to throw like, when I jump on them, I dnt press MK, just simply land on them as a fake then throw 'em. It’s either I land on them the combos or just grab. In the super part, I do have a habit of roll +lvl2 scissors kick then psycho smash. I rarely charge lvl3 since I can’t combo his psycho crusher super from anything, as of now.

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The best advice I can give is to just use A-groove

Why dont’ you use A-groove? It’s alot more efficient than any other groove with Bison or you can be cheap with K-groove. why dont you come up with a good A-groove team. For you I might suggest Sakura, Hibiki and Bison. Bison’s A shit is called painting the fence and what you have to do is activate CC sweep s.jab then jump after them with F.k until you get them in the corner then you do a Psyco fist with jab I think and then just keep doing QCF motions after that so that it reads as DP motions.then when your CC is about to end then jab then do his super. This takes a while to learn. If there already near the corner then just do multiple L.k scissors kicks until it hits. Then you paint the fence from there.

 With Hibiki activate CC and just do her F.p beckoning slash then you do some shit after that, but I dont' use her so I dont know. The motion reverses when you switch sides so it's KINDA confusing, but in case you didnt' know the motion for beckoning slash it's QCB witha punch.

 And Sakura's shit aint' too hard,but it's harder than Hibiki's Just activate CC and just keep doing F.p running uppercuts, Then you can either do any one of her supers or do a F.k huricane kick,jab,jabXXF.p running uppercut.It's better to do a super but not the super fireball. This is called the ShoShoSho combo because of the sound she makes as she does the combo.In order to do this you have to use the same multiple DP motion technique that you need in order to paint the fence.

 I hope my advice can help. If you dont like that team then find other characters that you might be more comfortable with, because every good Bison moves on to A-groove at some point. It's not often that I get to help out girl, so I hope I can be a help to a female CvS player in need.Good luck!!!  ;)

Thanks everyone. BTW, what’s your e-mail address then Kai? I’m still uploading some of my pics, the most recent ones. I’ll send some to you but in one condition; send me yours ok? tee-hee…!

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Why cant’ we be friends Cherryblossom. I gave you some good advice. Can I have a picture too? My Email address is in my profile. I too am From the phillippines and I’m looking for a friend here too.:frowning:

You know guys, you are forgetting an important A-Groove character in my opnion. Akuma. Shotos are pretty easy to play and really good. And Akuma’s massive Fierce red fireball CC is nice. So since this Bison thread got turned into a A-Groove thread (as all good Bison threads do) I figured I might as well throw in my two cents. Sorry that is all I got.

Why cant’ we be friends Cherryblossom???

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Hey, I was just wondering what happened to this thread. It seemed like everyone is trying to pick up this chick. And I’d really like some Bison help. But anyways, do what you gotta do. Just some more help would be nice.

Stuff like combos, gameplay, match-ups, and preferable grooves would help. I’m a relative noob to this game. So any help would be great!


Search the other threads. I’m not trying to be mean, but there is already a lot written about combos, gameplay, and preferable grooves. As for matchups, you’ll only really need to worry about Sak, Chun (for that c mp), Sagat, and Blanka (that crossup kills).

Tips huh… C- groove bison I always use. Coz im not that good at A-groove. Just 1 thing… M.Bisons c.MK IS the key to successful combos (like any other characters). A more physical Bison crouches besides his opponent, making space by c.MK and some jabs perhaps. Then punish your opponents near-pokes with ur light scissors kick. It’s pretty safe at this distance. Keep doing a c.MK then lk scissors kick. Takes out alot of guard meters and this is effective against smaller characters. Also, his lvl2 super is pretty effective and always cancelable. But I don’t think Bison got much priorities vs. Vega.

PS: Oh yeah, CherryB, i hope ur not scared at my pic at all. Hehehe… :lol:

You don’t look that bad kaiGen, it’s just that you look like one of the taiwanese boybands they call F4, coz you have long hair. No offensement! BTW, I’m not an “Emma Watson” look alike… just a tidsy-bit i think. =) Im not from the Philippines so I guess I can’t meet ya personally… maybe we can just chat… using a web-cam of course. Oh, and Snakedizzle, my e-mail address is Pls. dont spam ok?