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:bluu: could i have some help here on nakoruru i just started playing with her but i need help with her in k groove.

Ooh, right up my alley.

Even though her supers really aren’t all that great or too terribly useful, K is a good groove for her because of her low stun. Just as you’re about to get stunned, you usually go into rage, which will usually make the other guy back off enough for you to gather yourself.

However, the danger with using her is that it’s really easy to get killed. If you make one mistake, you’re likely to die with one good combo which will put you into stun, which leaves you wide open.

That said, Nak has two tools that you really need to milk to get the most out of: Her speed and Mamahaha, her hawk. You need to change up jumps, small jumps, super jumps and bird mounts (qcb+k) to confuse the heck of your opponents. Use bird monuts to give the other guy a false sense of security, then go in for the occasional empty jump to throw or low combo, and of course mix that up with roundhouse kicks, her only really good jump in attack.

When you decide to mount Mamhaha, you need to change up your game there, too. Immediately dismount via a regular spinoff (fierce while mounted) to give the illusion of a regular jump, or the bladed spinoff (roundhouse while monuted) which is safer and if they are closer to you. You’ll also need to mixup how long you stay on Mamahaha, from quick-off to staying on the whole 7 seconds, including moving around on the bird both really high and really low, poking out attacks to let them know you’re not 100% vulnerable, etc.

Your other Maha dismount options are the fireball (qcf+p while mounted), which is very slow, and the mutsube (qcb+p while mounted), which is lightning fast. Use them to nail jumping and crouching opponents, respectively.

Of course, in using K-Groove, you are relatively safe in the air thanks to Just Defending, but it goes without saying that you shouldn’t jump around too much. This is where Nak’s speed game on the ground comes into play.

Nakoruru is so fast, she can always be next to a knocked down opponent after any move she has, thanks to her Flash Gordon run speed. In a run, a great move to turn the run into is her command flipping slash (df+fierce). It stays out for a pretty good amount of time, has great priority, and can stop crossups and squash wakeup attacks. You can also use c.roundhouse, which stays out a bit longer than it appears to as well. She also has awesome air coverage with Mamahaha when he goes in for a fire dive (hcb+p). Using these two tactics, you can pin down opponents easily (though be careful if they have a bunch of super meter), which gives you a monumental advantage.

Once you’ve got them cornered or otherwise in distress, you can start using Nak’s supers. Really, the only one you’ll be using in K-Groove is the Mamahaha Fireball super (hcbx2+p), since it’s virtually 100% safe, as you can throw it out from anywhere not needing to worry about retaliation. It’s also free chip damage, or a throw if they decide to roll through it. The easiest way to combo into it is to jump-in with a roundhouse kick and have the super come out when you land. You can also use it to punish anyone jumping in at you, but make sure you wait until they’re starting to come down from the jump so it’ll hit them instead of going under them.

Her combo super (hcbx2+k) and healing super (qcfx2+k, 3K to cancel) are really only good if the other guy is stunned, since you need an ungodly amount of time to pull them off and be useful.

Overall, the trick with Nak is to keep the other guys from abusing you by pinning them down, come in for an attack when you’re confident you can do it relatively safely and with confusion on your side, keeping them from trying anything funny when they get up off the ground, then punishing them when you can get a good lick in with a super or when they try jumping into when you have rage on the ready. Use your speed and Mamahaha to your advantage, as those are the only two advantages you have with her.

I stopped reading after here. Nak’s j.short is fucking amazing. I dont know what you are talking about.

Very funny I stoped reading right at the same place hahaha…

hey i found that information pretty usefull considering the fact that i dont really know to much about nakedruru, thanks man. but the bad thing is my friend has my ps2!!!:mad: so i cant play till he brings it back…but ill tell you how the progress is going.

still havent got my ps2 back…


nobody wants to say anything? im still open for help

mix it up with her bird over head

her spinning attack off the bird will beat 99% of the normals in the game. so use this to your advantage when mixing up her bird moves

that move also beats out most uppercuts if they are used in reaction, dont ask me how but it seems to bypass alot of invincibility frames, however it trades with ryu sagat iori and joe


crossover j. lk, cr. lp x2, st. lp, qcf p


crossover j. lk, cr. lp, cr hk, 2hcb p super

ground CC

D/F hp x N xx cr. hk XX st. hp (2 hits) xx super

she can reset this with the bird grab overhead for about 2000 extra points of damage in the corner

also she can combo the power up with j. hk after the powerup do a cr. mp and then start the above CC

her mixup options after a knockdown are

grab bird to overhead

grab bird to spin move

grab bird then fall to a throw

attempt to crossover with a j. lk.

wait a second then attempt to throw

if you utalize all of these in a match and keep it random you can piss off alot of people with nak

just remember though nak has the hp of a roach. when you get hit your gonna notice it and it will be harder to take the risks necessary for a good mixup game

although not CRITICALLY neccessary I try to RC the bird grab whenever possible cause there are a ALOT moves that can punish it on the way up. however as long as you keep you opponent guessing they should have a hard time predicting when you will go for your bird

all of naks other RC’s are very limited

she CAN RC her qcf p move as a poke but it is easily punished if blocked

her optic sweep is even less useful as a RC (though not useless normally I’d still shy away since anyone whos played nak even ONCE will be looking for this move the whole match)

agasint the tall mofos she can do a A3 chunli style jab annoyance trap. simply throw out a meaty standing jab. if it connects then you get free damage. if they block it walk forward and jab again

you can get 4 jabs off before they can recover from the block stun

after the 4th jab whatch and see what they do. if they do nothing repeat the process or start a mixup with the bird. if they roll throw them and of course block if they mash out a super.AA them with cr hp if they jump straight up (BTW they can alpha counter this from the start so dont get TOO predictable

basically the goal of a good nak player is to keep your opponent guessing

nak is a fun character however I wouldnt bet on her winning a tournament

her weaknesses far exceed her strengths

however if you excel at never getting hit nak is for you!!!

hmmm lets see what else

her jumping lk is GODLY great for air to air and crossing u-p

her jumpinh hk is greak for out prioritizing certain AA normals (ryus hk, sagats hk, cammys hk etc…)

cr hp is a great AA normal that beats most jumping attacks clean (only trades or gets beaten by moves that have a downward attack like hibiki’s jumping HK

her cr. mp. can beat out alot of slower pokes but isnt too reliable…

cant really think of much else

cept for her healing super sucks and of course her bird grab super is worse stay with her firebird super

thanks people im going to have to practice with nakaruru and put her in my team. i had a tourny today and since i couldnt practice with her she wasnt in the team. I FINALLY GET MY PS2 BACK SO IMMA PRACTICE TONIGHT:D.

i had a thread about her a while back. u can still check that out, its got some things not discussed her. from experience though… i started using her since the game came out and well i can honestly say that im very good with her

BUT she takes damage way to harsh and at high level play those mind games of hers dont really cut it. i played rock, ken, nako in n-groove a year ago, now i play rock, ken or sagat, kyo in k-groove… she is very fun to play with but pick someone else for tourney play… well thats just my opinion.

Her healing super is actually a damn handy move, especially in K. If you manage to come across someone who is too cautious about attacking while you’re raged, you can gain back a pretty good chunk of life if they’re jumping back constantly. It’s also handy when you’re running out of time and need more life than the other guy to win. On top of that, a lot of people have no idea what it does, so when they see this pillar of light surround her, they might think at first that it’s a Blanka electricity-type attack. Of course, use caution when trying it.

Her firebird super is a great cross-up killer. Level 3s always beat them, and some characters can still be punished or traded even at L1. Your invincibility lasts just long enough to escape their hitbox, and when they land (or if they land, either way), the super will come in from behind them, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

If you are good at roll cancelling, and you decide to risk it, RCing her kick super is a neat trick. You’ll be invincible all the way up to Mamahaha, so you can do it a lot closer to someone then you normally could. Whatever attack someone does to stop you will go right through you, and they’ll still be recovering from it when you strike.
Also, remember that you can hit people out of the air with it, and the super will continue all the way through. After the cape swipe sequence is finished, a lot of people will think it’s over and try something, not realizing that Maha will rain down on them. If you can set this up with a level 1 somehow (which doesn’t have Maha come down), you can get some good damage off a semi-missed super.

alright first off

naks healing super SUCKS

you get what about 1/3 of your life back if its completed???

sounds like alot but then think of the fact that your opponent will get a FREE combo which agasint nak is gonna hurt

the ONLY way its useful is after a knockdown and then you IMMEDIATELY cancel it (some people can even punish this) from which you’ll get a whopping 500 life back (about one mp or mk from any character)

dont give me that crap about how people arent looking for it if I’m playing against K nak and I see her meter almost gone, thats ALL I’m gonna be looking…

anyone who knows what there doing against nak has her healing super in the back of there head at ALL times cause if she fucks up and does it thats free damage for you

and also who randomly jumps back agasint a K groove player???

thats just asking to eat a super especially from nak…if you see someone jumping back and your raged they eat the firebird super for free

yeah even tho im not gonna play nakaruru cause shes not my style i gotta say one thing and that is DONT DO THE FRIGGIN HEAL THINGY. even tho i dont know to much about her i know the heal thingy is just a free combo. oh well if anybody else has any strategys post up for the other people who also need help.

The Healing Super

You fail to recognize the situations you would be using the healing super.

Anyone who has played against K-Groove players know that one slip-up could mean doom. This means you have 17 seconds of relative safety from opponent’s attacks. This does not mean you are safe to do a super, it never does. I would say that 95% of the time (when you have the opportunity) you will empty your K-Groove meter with the firebird super.

If you do this enough times, you will train your opponents to expect the fire super every time your meter is almost empty. This will cause them to back away from you, because the only thing they can do is block it or roll through it, and if they roll through it too close to you, you’ll throw them every time. They can’t jump for fear of getting hit by it.

With this advantage in hand, they should normally keep their distance from you while you have the opportunity to super. If they don’t, oh well. This is one of the times when you can risk going for a healing super. I say “risk,” of course, because you’re risking getting mauled if the other guy can get to you for a combo. But that’s the idea behind when and how to use the healing super.

Let’s say you’ve got a C-Sagat who just emptied his meter with a super on you (which is why you are raging). If you’ve been training him to do so, he should be about 3/4 or even a full screen away. He can’t get in too close if he knows what’s good for him, because you’re going to throw him if he rolls (or chip/hit him if he doesn’t). Sagat can’t cover distances in a hurry, so if you pull off the healing super, a Sagat at distance only has two options:

  1. Throw out a fast tiger shot to stop you, or
  2. Dash or super jump in and try to get in a good lick

If he shoots a projectile at you, big deal, what that hit takes away is less than what you get back from the super. If he tries to come in at you, it’ll take a bit of time since he’s not too quick in covering distance. If you cancel the super almost immediately, you’ll gain a net amount of life back, after whatever punishment you take.

Of course, you’d be an idiot to try this super when faced with a Bison or Cammy or someone else than can get across the screen in a flash. Same goes when the other guy has some meter. But all I’m trying to say is that there are times when it’s appropriate to try and see if it works, and times that it is not.

Even if you gain just 100 hit points, the super has done its job. And yes, you can probably only do it once against someone. But that once might be the difference between a win and a loss.

The Healing Super

not smart at all you can do like 150 guard damage against the opponent if you do the fireball super randomly and have him block. lol i wouldnt do that move just because it would leave me to open.

The Healing Super

most people wont panic like that. generally a K player will try to keep you in a decent position where they can still attack or rush at all times (especially when raged) thus you wont be in a position where you HAVE to commit to one or the other (jumping or rolling) so banking on those two options is NEVER viable. WHEN they wait it out you will get punished

WHAT??? he can wait it out and if he sees you heal super to can do a deep jump into to tiger crush

that hurts…and wouldnt exactly call it a lick…especially agasint nak


so you get you 100 HP back thats as much as ONE J/D and we ALL know how game defining that can be…

You fail to recognize that everyone else is playing against people that don’t suck. You’re asking for it if you use the damn heal super. It has its uses, but they are rare and seem to only really work when your competition HAS NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

Everyone else has figured that out but you. But you are also the same person that said that Nakoruru’s only decent jump in was a rh. I guess it’s time for you to stop giving out advice about Nakoruru.