Help! Hori not working on mame32 but works on 2df


i recently got into emulators such as 2df, and mame. im using a hori hrap ex for the 360 and its recognized by windows and works on 2df but im clueless on how to get it to work for mame32. ive spent numerous hours researching and found a whole lot on joysticks for ps2/ps3 but not much about the horo ex for the 360. i tired to map the controls on mame but nothing happens. however if mame is open and i press a certain button, it will load the last game i played. i downloaded xbcd (couldnt find the all in one installer) but it wont recognize the joystick at all. i tried editing the ini files to joystick 1 and still nothing. then i d/led xpadder and it recognizes my buttons but not the joystick. i know im missing a crucial step in making the joystick work with mame32. any suggestions/advice would be extremely helpful. thanks SRK.


no one knows eh?


I ran into this with my HRAP EX 360 as well when trying to use it for XPadder+nullDC so I’m interested in the answer to this as well.


^^ dude, i mustve been on every rom/mame forum asking the same question and no one seems to have an appropriate answer. this is killing me.


If the buttons work but the joystick doesn’t in xpadder. then it’s probably just down to the pcb and driver issue on the hori. Only thing I can suggest is that you try XBCD, as this program has drivers for the XBOX1 pad, but this might somehow work with the hori pcb.


xbcd doesnt recognize my joystick at all and xpadder only recognizes my buttons. when i use 2df and set the input it works fine.


turn the joystick options on in mame perhaps?

goto option, controllers or something like that and tick the box?


^^yea i did that


i have Hori ex2 and working perfect in mame,zsnes (Vista)
don’t work in Kawaks

In the view update history say:
Microsoft - Other Hardware - XBOX 360 Controller For Windows

Try this


^^did that too


Yeah I have a HRAP EX and an EX2. The EX2 works flawlessly in XP and Vista. The HRAP? Not so much…