HELP! How Can I Buy a Competitors Pass to Compete and See the Finals on Sunday in Alpha Hall?


I was about to pull the trigger on flight and hotel bookings for my EVO 2013 trip from Canada this year. When I went to register it says Competitors passes are sold out.
It’s hard to believe spectators-only have passes to see the finals while people who want to compete can’t get one.

Any help or advise would be appreciated as honestly as heart-breaking as it will be, I can’t justify the trip if I can’t watch the finals live.
Thanks in advance
Kid Flow


Unless you are in top 8 You cannot be in the Main ballroom for finals…You can buy a Tournament pass only but you will have to watch the stream in the other room


Actually…Spectator passes to see the Finals in person are sold out also.

Sucks man…no passes are transferable/refundable.