Help? How can I suck less


I’ve tried various teams, mission mode, I’ve done well in mission mode cleared 80% so far, but online I cannot do a damn thing. Its frustrating, I don’t know what team to use, what tactics to use, or what to even do anymore. Its shying me away from this game, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I feel you on this. All I can tell you is to ask people questions, watch videos, read up on guides and keep playing. You will get better.


Yeah, I’ve been doing that a whole lot lately. I love the game and really don’t want to get shut off by it because I can’t compete in online play. It’s just going to take some time I guess, I’m at a disadvantage to some too because I play with just the xbox controller. Its frustrating most times. I’m 52W to 62L in ranked and I’m still a 9th Lord. I can’t rank up haha.


Try one of the various character forums or one of these places
Newbie Saikyo Dojo

Hope that helps


i wouldnt really say that using an xbox controller puts you at a disadvantage i mean i prefer the controller over the arcade stick n buttons its just how your use to playing but the only real advice would to be is to just keep playing i guess


This is an excellent plan. If you have specific questions on those, ask in those threads. :tup: