Help How do you FADC dash foward then flash kick. NOT flash kick FADC U2 example inside



Okay so I was watching Next Level Battle Circuit and I was fan boying over Dieminion Guile. Then I seen him FA Dhalsim crouching fierce dash forward then flash kick. Can someone explain to me how that works? and or how to do it?


You just do it. There’s no real tricks involved. Here’s a breakdown…

55f charge required for FK

Focus absorb causes 12f of hitpause
Lvl2 Focus release is 11f(18 windup, 11 release)
Focus hit causes 12f of hitpause
Dash forward 19f
3f added for a focus dash

12+11+12+19+3 = 57f

During the focus absorb hitpause, he released focus and input f,f for the dash. The focus releases and hits his opponent and the dash was buffered in so it will automatically dash forward, but he is already charging for FK during all this. It’s all possible and not too difficult.


You can also use f,df as well to register the forward dash off of focus.


Inputting dash during the Focus Attack release + hitstun and immediately starting to charge after the dash input. Very basic for any charge character.


okay so if I got this right… db(charge) FA, f,f (or df) than I should be about to just dash FK at this point? I’m at work can’t do it right now but will be back when I get home.


I think you’re misunderstanding what you’re looking at here… Dieminion didn’t do a raw forward dash to flash kick. Dash Flash Kick is impossible. He simply landed a standard focus crumple with forward dash buffered in, then flash kicked.

When Guile releases focus attack and his arm begins to swing outward, that is when you can input f,f,db to start charging as early as possible. This means you are already at downback when the Focus Attack actually hits. Since the dash is buffered already, Guile will dash once the hitpause from the Focus Attack completes without any additional input. Landing a focus crumple causes a significant amount of extra hitpause as you can see both characters are locked in place for a moment. Meanwhile you’ve been charging ever since his arm started swinging out so by the time all of this plays out and you finish dashing you’re basically ready to just let it rip.


thanks you were right I was looking at it wrong