HELP :( how do you fix mad cat fight sticks


i am new to fighting games and i bought a mad catz fight stick, i have been wearing it in pretty hard for the past few weeks . all the sudden out of know where the RB button stopped working and i have no clue as to how to fix it. All of the other buttons function fine though. If there is anyone in the ohio area close to west chester who can fix this please help or if there is any one who can explain how to change out the buttons . thank you!


te or se

will i guess either way, you may have to buy a new button


street fighter edition


im willing to pay if some one can do it for me


this one
this one

oh, my bad, you asked how to change out buttons:
in which case (regardless of which version, though you do need hex keys to open the TE(opened from the top))


its the second one


oh and here’s a nice video tutorial (in your case, you open your stick form the bottom)



Need a Modder in Your Area? Most people on this list should be able to do button swaps if you want someone else to do it for you.


i found this video that helped explain how to fix my model, thank you for sending me the first link [media=youtube]vXUrTS22fmw&NR=1[/media]

what are some good sites to order the parts from to help replace the parts of the fight sticks?



thank you all so much :slight_smile: im glad to be apart of this fight community because of all the people on this site, most sites people would just rip on me because i dont know how to mod my stuff and dont know what brands to trust. God bless yall


welcome to tech talk
enjoy your stay


lol…noobies come in here so much we got tired of making fun of them and starting helping them out :razz:

and don’t feel bad, the buttons on that stick die out all the time since they are knock offs…you’ll end up getting the real thing at those sites mentioned above.


Hi. I just wanted to chime in with a suggestion. If you don’t use all 8 buttons, you can use one of the unused buttons as a replacement for the broken one just to be able to use it until you get the new buttons shipped or as practice to see how you do it.

I used to have the same joystick as you and one of the white buttons stopped working so I just replaced it with one of the black ones since I didn’t use those in SSF4. But then another broke so I just ordered new Sanwa buttons and it was a pretty quick and easy installation.


is the button not responding when pushed or is it physically broken? if it’s not responding then you might have knocked the ground quick disconnect loose. just open up your stick from the bottom then just put the qd back into the button tab.