[HELP] how to do Doom's tridash in flying mode?



I’m a pad user


Are you talking about “:uf::df::uf::df::uf::df:” dashing in the air? if so you just do sj./j.:qcb::s::uf:+:atk::atk::df:+:atk::atk::uf:+:atk::atk::df:+:atk::atk: really fast.


Why do people insist on making threads for every question they have? I mean not only is this thread unnecessary, the question isn’t even described properly.


@JuuM: thanks for the info dood
@jak d ripr: I’m new to SRK and I just ask things that I don’t understand,that’s all


Try to ask things you don’t understand in the already created Discussion/Questions threads.


as I mention it earlier,I’m new to SRK forum…
stop this stuff,I’ll check it out myself


Can’t get pissed off at people because you failed to search for a question that’s already been answered. A thousand times.


maybe my words may makes you think that I’m pissed off at people,but I’m not.
just wanna say that I’m still new to SRK and there is too many threads


creates new thread


this is what I get when I create new thread,dood


Im a pad doom player too, so let me help you as much as i can. Set your r2 trigger macro to light attack+medium instead of lmh. I dont know why, but its much more easier to tridash with.

In fly more press r2 as fast as you can while going :df::uf::df::uf::df:. Practice this until you get the rhythm.


Utilizing the search functions on srk or any forum for that matter stand for good ettiquite. The same can be said for those making a new community member feel like an outcast. All you had to say was we have a thread here without the dripping sarcasm, way to make the guy feel welcome.


good thing you got to these poofs before i did; it still took 12 comments before someone said it.
it’s not hard, people. all you have to do is click on his profile, see ‘just joined’ or ‘new member,’ say to yourself, “oh, maybe he doesn’t know how to use he search feature,” or you might be able to use your brains and assume he’s new since he’s asking how to tri-dash.
for some reason, you can’t delete a thread after it’s already been made, so why don’t you just answer the question instead of further contributing to this ‘clutter’ (which is what forums are) that everyone complains about.
besides, the search feature on this website sucks.

it’s already hard enough to learn all the lingo and junk when you first get into fighting games; you guys are just assholes or stupid. it’s as simple as that.


it isn’t hard to read the thread titles and think “Hmmm, maybe my question should go on one of these already created threads.”

It’s because of the clutter that the creation of new threads is discouraged.


Frankly I’ve had enough and don’t care either way. Let everyone make new threads and piss off every one who knows something. I’ve got mine so good luck to you basicly. Maybe if no one gets responses they’ll figure out there are other threads and post there.


You do have a point, we were all newbies at some point and Im assuming from his posts that english is probably not his first language(least I hope not), it just gets irritating when you go to like every single character forum and there are like 20 threads asking question that should be asked in designated threads. I mean there’s a thread in the akuma forum asking what his best BnB is 3 posts under the combo thread.

With all that said I guess we could also learn to not come down so hard on these people, one of the reasons I was apprehensive towards joining the srk community was cause I heard y’all were all elitist assholes and if I made this mistake with my first post I woulda prolly thought the rumors were true.


there’s no excuse. all you had to do was post a link to a thread where it would have been more appropriate to ask this question/where his question was already answered, and maybe politely mentioned that there’s no reason to make a new thread for something that’s already been covered, you know it was a mistake by a new member, and you’re not going to freak out about it. that’s all you had to do. or, at the very least, you could have just not replied to the thread and maybe let someone else, who won’t take it up the butt, handle it. i came up with at least three options for you that don’t make you look like a jackass, yet you actually went out of your way to make multiple not only unhelpful posts, but also rude ones. as a result, we have even more clutter, because i feel like you don’t even know what you did wrong.
if i didn’t know any better, i’d say you’re momo on a fake account.

LOL shoryuken fail. you can take that up with the mods if it really annoys you that much, but i gotta tell ya, talking to them is about as much fun as talking to you is.



The question had already been answered. Gave advice on how to ask things next time

Yet you still have your panties in a bunch. And a problem with any sort of rules being laid anywhere, since you seem to have a problem with moderators. I don’t, personally. :frowning:


you don’t understand. i don’t have a problem with jerks, i just think you guys don’t need to be on a forum where people ask for help/discuss things.
and you know, some people just come out and say they have a bad temper and they don’t care.
and before you come back here to give me more evidence that you can’t be bothered to help anyone, i believe you. i believe you more than i believe the earth is round.