[Help] Hrap3 Tekken Edition template? :(


im new here… and recently i decided to change the wallpaper on my arcade stick… currently im using this 1… (HRAP 3 Tekken edition)

so, this is the design i made for my stick… i used the ordinary HRAP 3 template

however, when i was about to complete it, i started to realize the template is all wrong after comparing to the stick i have… the hole for the stick is a little off, etc…

so the problem is, i cant seem to find a suitable empty template for the HRAP 3 tekken 6 edition… i tried searching with no results… pls help me out guys… thx in advance guyz! :smiley:

here you go http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/index.cfm?loc=about&sub=templates

Weird, the template does look off when you try to match it up the stick’s position.

Anyway, simple solution would be to simply eliminate the white space for the stick’s hole on your template. Once you apply your artwork to the HRAP3’s top panel, it’ll be obvious where the hole for the stick should be and you don’t really need the template’s white hole to help you figure out where to cut it.

thx galvan… but i tried those already… the HRAP 2/3 n extended ones… the stick still seems off a little…

@sleazoid… hmm… yea… but the problem is… i think the buttons might be a little off too… cz im planning the splashes to be on the buttons… if the templates are off, the splashes will not be below the buttons thus ruining it… i only want the templates to help me in positioning the design…


Tekken 6 HRAP is different in Joystick and Button.
No one has Template for it yet.

seriously? :frowning: means i have to take the risk n do it by estimation? :frowning:

The Tekken 6 HRAP is a weird stick.

The space between the top row 30mm buttons AND Start/Select is less than the on HRAP 3/HRAP-lite licensed sticks. IE, all the 30mm buttons got pushed up a bit on the faceplate.

I don’t know why Hori moved the button position like that.

You’d think it’d be cheaper for them to stick to their old tooling.

Granted, most people who bought the stick probably won’t mod it beyond getting better buttons but still…!