Help! I cannot delete a file or folder


I can’t delete a specific folder because the computer thinks some files are currently being used by another program. I already tried closing all the programs that could be using it, but It cannot go away. I tried right-clicking and deleting and everything else. It’s a big chunk of file also (its a movie file btw, .avi)

My question is, is there way to force delete something like this or am I stuck with this file for the rest of my life :sweat:


Have you tried restarting and then attempting to delete? That’s what usually fixes stuff for me.



is winamp open? or w/e you use to open media files


No winamp isn’t open, and DivX and VLC media player isn’t open either. And I already tried restarting the comp. Any other ideas?


try deleting it in safe mode


will try


Wow it actually worked. thanks man. Someone close this thread.


that sounds like a job for meee :slight_smile:

nah someone else might have a question



This happens to me sometimes. Even if you may have closed the program, it might still stay somewhat active in windows memory!

Example: if i played a video file 4-5 times and then closed the Windows media player and went to delete it later, windows may not let me. It would say the file was currently being used by a program, meaning the player was still active.

I’d have to use ctrl+alt+delete, go to processes, find the WMP program, and close it that way. Afterwards windows would let me delete the file.

I guess its a memory thing, if you use a certain program enough times windows will store it in Ram and it’ll still be active even after you close it. Windows does this with the memory for quick access to frequently used applications to make things faster.

If you restarted the comp and it still would not allow it, it may be because the program you used to play/access the file, is set to automatically load up upon start-up.

When you start the comp that way, i believe Safe mode is only set to load up the minimum programs windows requires to function. Not the extra stuff that kept you from deleting the file.

So safe mode would work but it is not really necessary.


for future reference i’d suggest installing this
if something wont delete or move, it shows what process is using the file and it can free it up if you want


Thats looks great. I learned how to go and close-out programs myself, but that would be a lot simpler.