Help i dont understand the + frames and - frames

I kinda no what frames are I didn’t really pay it any mind cuz I already had a game plan but to get better I need to learn these things alittle bit more so can any one tell me about +frames and - frames like the start up an active an the advantage on hit an the advantage block like for example akuma standing lp startup is 3 and his active is 2 adv on hit +6 on block +2 what does it then his standing mp startup 5 active 2 adv on hit +3 on block - 1 basically I want some one to tell me what does the numbers mean on startup active an what does the +frames me on block an hit an what does it mean if it -

When a move leaves you at:

  • frames = Don’t press buttons.
  • frames = Press buttons.

So what about active an start up

I mean like number wise on startup an active