Help! i need a check up on my ryuuuuu!



Hey! I’m new to the FGC and recently my friend started a youtube channel catering to gamers. I only played FG casually but thinking of moving to a more competitive aspect. Please review and give feed back on what you think about my Ryu.
P.S. the first 3 minutes was me trying win by crouching… > >;; So please just skip 3 minutes ^^


You were hit confirming into a throw quite a bit at the start of the vid which (if your opponent could tech) is potentially counter-productive, as you’re trading confirmed damage into a possible hard knockdown and less damage. I’m not saying don’t ever tick throw but you did it quite a lot and against a better player you’d be losing what could be vital damage left right and centre.
Hope this was helpful, apologies i don’t have time to watch the entire video, just commenting on the first 6 mins or so.


No need to apologize! Yeah when I reviewed it, I did rely on it a bit too much… I was playing on PS3 so I wasn’t confident on my combo confirmations. BTW, I still main Ibuki (trying to make the transition) and that’s why I usually aimed for knockdowns, in this case via grab, for oki. But, thanks alot for the advice!
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*You jump too much. If your opponent could anti air, he would have won a lot of those matches.

*Too many missed shoryukens. If your opponent was good, you would get punished more often for those.(Like at 11:47 of the video)

*Noticed some full level 3 focus attacks when you weren’t in range to hit your opponent or punish anything. Those aren’t safe at all. That Makoto didn’t punish them, so you got very lucky.

*10:52 match. I’m gonna call that match “The Overhead Bonanza!”.

Overheads work well on people who love to crouch block constantly(Turtles) and it’s a good finisher at the end of rounds when your opponent doesn’t see it coming. Just spamming overhead is not good though. In this case it only worked because that Makoto has no reactions.

*You weren’t staying calm when under pressure. When Makoto was on you or your health was low, you always pressed buttons. You mostly went to the shoryuken, crouching medium kick, and crouching light attacks. Yes you wanted to get Makoto off of you, but in some cases you would get hit because you stuck a limb out at the wrong time.

I would go into the spacing and frametraps, but these are just casual matches. I’d say your Ryu is ok for a casual SSF4 player. Just keep practicing.


Wow, put mine to shame haha, great feedback there mate!


LOL Well atleast you tried JT!
Wow thanks Anthony, when I reviewed it, I did jump alot and if the Makoto was more consistent, I would of been in 40% combos no problem > >;;
I still find it a bit hard to transition from casual to competitive, definitely need more prac. Well my Ryu is officially week 3 (actually practicing him) and I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Can’t decide whether to commit to playing Ryu or switch back to Ibuki… Any advice for that one?


The main thing I noticed is that your punishes are absolutely terrible. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, you need to work on your antiairs and spacing and hitconfirms, (fundamentals) but in the beginning it helps to have one hard-hitting combo that you can use to deal some real damage when your opponent makes a very punishable mistake (which will be often at this level). To start with, if you get a focus crumple, do not settle for just a throw or a dp, at least go for, c.hp xx tatsu (for corner) or hp dp (for damage). That’ll get you into the mindset of always punishing the hardest you can, which is vital. If you’re too far away for the full combo, at least go for c.hp xx hp dp or something. never settle for a single hit if you can get something better.

You will also need to learn what moves are punishable and how to punish them. for example, pretty much every time you block a hayate, it’s a free hp dp punish (EX might be safe sometimes, due to range). Knowing some frame data helps, but it’s not everything since spacing matters as well.

In addition to the bnb punish combo, have a bnb hitconfirm as well. For Ryu, c.lp c.hp xx tatsu is a good combo to start with. Just make sure that you’re close enough for the c.hp to hit (it has good range, but it can whiff if the hits from too far away, or on characters with weird-ass hitboxes like Balrog.)

If you land a sweep (non-counterhit), you can do a perfect meaty safejump just by holding upforward against most characters. it beats 4f and slower invincible reversals (most dps are 3f, so beware). Whiffs on cammy, sagat and blanka due to slower wakeup though.


Ryu or Ibuki? I would say Ryu for now. He’s easier to use than her, better/safer anit-airs(MP shoryuken), and many ways to land his Ultra for free. Using the Fireball to zone and to open up people who love to block all day? You should see them jump over it and into the shoryuken. lol :slight_smile: He’s got all of the tools needed to fight each character in the game. If you stick with Ryu and learn how to be decent with him, you’ll pretty much learn how to do half of the casts moves without even touching them. Most of them have DPs(Shoryuken type moves) and Down, Forward + attack(Fireball motion) moves. Maybe this could open up doors for other characters as well.

Ibuki’s Kunai vortex, target combos, and high jump cancels are needed to be decent with her. You could go back to her, but at the start it’s going to be really tough in matches with good opponents.

I fought a good Ibuki yesterday that kept doing that Kunai Vortex after a knockdown. It confused the crap out of me. Her ex slide shut down my fireball game too. This guys reactions were godlike. As soon as Ryu said “Hado-”, she was sliding across the screen for the neck breaker. lol I don’t know if you can instantly react to fireballs with a slide since you just started or if you know the proper spacing and have the execution for the vortex. With that said, her biggest punishing tools aren’t there for you yet. She just seems like a tough character to start with, but if you want to go this route, good luck.

I started with Ryu 3 years ago and became decent with him after 6 months. I didn’t have anyone helping me at the time, which is why it took that long. The only thing I could do is watch Daigo and Poongko go crazy with Ryu to learn things. :slight_smile: After learning the matchups and how the game works, I switched to Rose and Balrog and was able to use them really well. Today Ryu, Rose, and Balrog are my mains. I can use over 20+ other characters too, because of how much those characters have in common with Ryu’s moveset.