Help, I need help with picking!

Help, I need help with picking my character in 3s that I will use in tourney’s
which one should I use???

Definitely Q. I honestly think he’s easier to get wins with than the other 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Elena is definitely the NOT-BEST out of those three. Q and Sean, some people say Sean is WORSE (that is, less AWESOME), some people say Q is THE BEST. Myself, I think Q is the BEST character in the game. Elena is LESS tourney-worthy for sure.

I think Elena is the best choice. With proper gaming strategy she kicks @ss

Chun Li


we have to get him to play Q :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, I don’t even know where you got that! I totally didn’t say that, just look at my post. And make sure you stop reading before you get to the “last edited” part. I don’t know what that’s doing there.

Use this list instead:


a more refined list:


eh if u are itching for a basic cahracter or a begginerwise and such
id choose Q

Q’s metal-imbued face > anythin they can throw at you

Use Elena.

I concur… :tup:

OMGWTF I am late. Oh well, mine was better. All those characters suck, but they’re all fun to play. Really though wouldn’t you rather build up street cred, beastorize at tourneys, talk e-shit and pick a good character? I mean, thats what it’s all 'bout. For fastest short term bestest results though I’d pick Elena, just abuse her kara throw, abuse her randomness high/lows and her For long term though, probably pick someone else. A nice Necro might suit you well. Possibly Dudley? Very sexy.

true dat

Urien Owns All…saiii Aegis Reflector

really i dont no were u get the info from
but Q does not suck
Q overrules over Sean and is basic
he isnt worst nor is he good
i would stick with a Q
more basic and Elena is a little harder to learn then Q

As soon as the opponents see you show up in a pink Sean outfit, they will run like hell.

Nerds fear the pink…it reminds them of females that they find to be another species.

pick MAKOTO!!! She is REALLY FUN!! or play whit URIEN!! or RYU DENJIN or…anybody else exept CHUN LI jijiji

watch how combofiend uses her