Help! I suck at fighting games!


when SF4 came out I was very eager to play it. So I ordered the game and the TE stick. My plan was to practice a bit offline and then jump right into the online action. But when I finally started playing I had to realize that I am probably the worst fighter ever.

First off I went into training mode, memorized all moves for C. Viper and practiced them so that I can steadily perform them. Next I started an arcade game on easy difficulty. But the first fighter totally owned me. He won and I didn’t have the slightest chance. Okay, new game, very easy. The first fighter owned me. It took me 5 tries to defeat him. And thats pretty much what happened in every arcade match I played. And Seth? I didn’t beat him once.

Next I went online, knowing that I will lose. I played about 30 matches on the first day and lost every single one of them. Until today I didn’t win once.

And when I am playing against a friend it’s even worse. Most of them didn’t play SF4 before and don’t know any moves, while I can perform every move for my character. And still I lose against somebody who is doing just something.

What am I doing wrong? How can I practice effectively?

No need to tell us your life story, next time post in some character threads or game related threads cuz this is gonna get closed (crowd control, you understand right?) I’m sure if deadfrog is on he’ll point you in the right directions, kthxbai have a nice day :tup:

Mr. 0 Edit:
scan around here for a while if you still need help with SFIV, your answers should be there so no need to make a new thread kthxbai

This thread is the answer to your own question: Fail.

You won’t get better until you figure out why you’re getting your ass handed to you.

This has to be a troll. Anyone that can mash jump RH~Sweep can beat the game on easy difficulty.

Also, pick an easier starting character.

he almost got me

mostly everyone here sucks at fighting games, don’t worry about it

Try racing games.

I’m not so great at street fighter either, but I’ll beat anyone in mario kart wii.

lmao, i really hope this isnt a troll.

You need to play the games alone for a while, observe shit and PLAN your shit. Just practicing HOW to do specials won’t help. Sounds like you just keep doing things at the wrong time and eating asswhippings. It’s not knowing how to do moves, it’s knowing WHEN to do them and how to USE them…you need a more varied experience than Fanboy Milker 4, too. I used to have a similar problem back in ‘92 playing Champion Edition in arcades. People would comment "This nigga know all the moves, but he be doin’ them at the wrong time.". I’d just toss moves out regardless of what my opponent was doing and lose because of it. Don’t do that. Admittedly, it took reading about Fatal Fury 2’s hidden DMs and practicing how to nail other players with them to give me a sense of when moves are best utilized outside of combos. After that, it’s been all gravy. Play other fighters. You learn more, just like mr. 2-dimensional (Ryu) supposedly learns by facing a variety of styles (even though he never uses moves he’s seen to be effective), you will gain more knowledge if you cross-train.

Play smash. Heard the controls are easier and it’s deeper but still user friendly enough so that everyone can play it. Carthage is your homie.

Also with Smash if your execution is off you can use those waggle controls. If you don’t win because of skill just hit your opponent on “accident”, of course this would be with your hands and not the Wii-Mote since items are banned.

3 stock, fox only, final destination.

Go to and go down a lil bit 2 the article “sf 4 thought processes”, it tells u the basics of how u should be thinking in a match for any street fighter game. my friend gets all defensive and shit when i try to help him or critique him, but yeah accepting that u suck and need work is the first step towards getting better haha

just play a lot, endure the losses and learn from ur mistakes

Unfortunately, there is no replacement for experience. Really, the only way to get good at ANYTHING, is to do it a lot. I’d imagine that some of the top players have a decade+ experience playing fighting games (hell, there are people with a decade of SF2 under their belt).

My one piece of advice is: LEARN TO BLOCK. It sounds obvious and simple, but its not. You really need to get a “feel” for the game. What is safe, what can you punish, what distance should you be from your opponent, when to attack. If you are being beaten by people who have no/next to no idea how to play the game, you are simply trying to out attack them, while they are trying to out attack you, in which case, whoever is spamming the best move will win.

A serious Kromo post, with no bizarre and humorous ramblings? Where… Where am I? :confused:

Anyway, I believe that there’s three stages of fighting game play…

Stage 1 - hardly even knows the moves, just spams buttons or throws out attacks randomly.
Stage 2 - you try to play like you’re “supposed” to, but you are too inexperienced / bad.
Stage 3 - starting to get the hang of things.

Now, the thing is that stage 2 loses to both the other stages, and thus is the crappiest stage. Stage 2 can’t deal with the random and aggressive spammer, and he gets crushed by good players who knows what they’re doing.
But just keep at it, and you’ll get through it. :woot:

*Disclaimer: I also suck at fighting games

Ninja edit: I of course meant stage 2, not 1

Sounds just like me. Very well put to be honest.

Stop posting on forums and go out and get your ass handed to you.

It’s like my little brother throwing out Ultras the moment he has the meter, just because it looks cool. Doesn’t matter if he knows I’ll just jump away when I see the animation. He still keeps doing it, instead of learning some safe ways to combo into ultra.

Practice is most often the answer if you can’t do something. Work on arcade mode a bit until you get the hang of it. If you start to feel overwhelmed with frustration, take a break and come back later. Feel free to check any of the C. Viper forums on here also.

I fall right into the same boat. :lol:


Don’t feel bad about losing kaeltetod. It’s really not important. however, I know it can be frustrating. I think the only way you’re going to be really good, is if you quit school/job, whatever, and just learn and learn and devote time, and practice until all you think about is the game you’re trying to get good in.

To me it’s not even close to being worth it… so I just suck, but have fun. :tup: